Generate ABA File

March, 2017 Customisation

Register batch payment for different vendors
Generate ABA File from payment then it can be used to import to bank to make payment


Odoo Version 8

Jan, 2015 Installation, Customisation

Install, config Odoo 8 on cloud, on premise
Bug fixings
Customise reports
Develop custom modules
Setup chart of account, accounting
Config and customise rental modules
Integrate with Australia Post, Courier Please


Odoo Version 9

Oct, 2015 Installation, Customisation

Install, config Odoo 9 on cloud, on premise.
Migrate Odoo on cloud to on premise
Develop custom modules
Develop Papua New Guinea Chart of Account
Bug fixing


Magento Integration

Oct, 2015 Integration

Integrate Magento with Odoo. Using Magento as online shop and Odoo as backend to manage Pick Pack Ship.

Synchronise customers, products, sale orders, stock quantity between Magento and Odoo.


Australia Post Integration

Feb, 2016 Integration

Created custom Odoo module to generate Australia Post shipping label. Integrate Australia Post into Pick Pack Ship process.


Courier Please Integration

Feb, 2016 Integration

Created custom Odoo module to generate Courier Please shipping label. Integrate Courier Please into Pick Pack Ship process.


Pick Pack Ship

Jan, 2016 Customisation

Picking: customise picking report, picking priority, picking status, picking sequence.

Packing: auto packing configuration.

Shipping: integrate with courriers to generate shipping labels..


Bill of Material

Sep, 2015 Customisation

Develop usage report of material. Customise picking list. Auto compute finished product cost price.


One product - Multi SKU

Feb, 2016 Development

Present single product in different SKU. For example:
1 carton of A = 24 box of A
1 box of A = 16 packs of A
1 pack of A = 6 product A

Odoo will understand there are 2304 products A, 384 packs of A, 24 boxes of A and 1 carton of A.

Whenever there is quantity update of A, the quantity of corresponding SKUs will be upated automatically.

On above example, if 10 product A have been sold. Odoo update quantity of A as: 2294 product A, 382 packs, 23 boxes, 0 carton.