Odoo 12 - How to upgrade POS Box to IoT Box

Odoo 12 IoT Box

Download IoT Image

Download the IoT image from the link below to your local computer. You can use the .zip file.


Replace the POS Box image with IoT image

  1. Get the SD card from your POS Box

  2. Use a software to flash IoT image to SD card. I use etcher. Select the .zip file above to flash to your SD card.

  3. Put the SD card back to the box

Connect IoT Box to Odoo

  1. Connect IoT box to your router by ethernet cable. 

  2. Go to Odoo, install IoT app

  3. Open IoT app and click on Scan button

  4. When the IoT Box is connected, click on Ok button

  5. The devices connected with your IoT Box also appeared in Devices menu

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