MYOB vs Odoo

There is no answer that could satisfy the question as it depends on your business scale and specific requirements. However, get to know the highlights/drawbacks of each platform would help you make the right decision towards choosing the best fit software for your business operation.

MYOB Essentials

MYOB Essentials is an online accounting solution providing tools for tax management, invoicing, payroll, expenses and reporting. 

Highlights of MYOB:

  • Easy to install and set up

  • Highly customisable for invoicing and parts inventories

  • Easy to use and friendly layout for the end user

  • Can be accessed from anywhere that has the Internet connection

  • Easy to export data into excel


  • In general, MYOB is a great option for small firms without complex needs and reporting requirements. When it comes to Work Breakdown Structure requirements, MYOB would become a limiter for the company.

  • Besides, limited customisation and slow response for real data volume (this speed problem might be caused by the Internet connection as well) are also listed as the drawbacks of this platform.


Odoo is known as a software-based model providing users a real-time project management in a systematic way. It helps to reduce the need for manually managing data related to Accounting, eCommerce, CRM, Warehouse Management, Finance, Project, Marketing and many more enterprise features.

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Highlights of Odoo:

  • A complete software with all up-to-date accounting systems and laws

  • Not just an accounting software, Odoo is all-in-one suite of business management applications

  • One of the most customisable solutions in the market

  • More than 1500 apps that can be easily extended to suit your specific business purposes.

  • Simple yet elegant interface. Clear navigation combined with user-friendly and smooth experience

  • Flexibility, great core functions, expandability, richness of community functions

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When it comes to customisation and implementation, you will need a budget. However, as Odoo is an Open Source solution, it costs you cheaper in comparison to other ERPs.

If you need further information or consultant towards Odoo solution and how it can help in boosting the ROI of your business, contact us now! !

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