How to set up Odoo POSBox with Adam AZExtra scale


To set up your POS with Adam AZExtra scale successfully, you will need:

  • The POSBox 

  • An Adam AZextra Scale

  • An Ethernet cable

  • An USB to RS232 DB9 serial port converter (Recommend with FTDI chipset)

  • A DB9 female to female cable 

Hardwares Setup

Set up hardwares as below diagram. Make sure the devices that run POS are in same network with POSBox.

Make sure the POSBox is ready

  • Turn on the POSBox, when the POSBox completed start up, it should print a welcome message with its IP Address

  • Write down the POSBox IP Address to use later

Config AZExtra scale

  • Set Baud Rate to 9600 and Label to 1

  • Press and hold the [Print] key for 4 seconds to access the parameters

  • Press [T] to move to bBS parameter, press [Print] to change value to 9600 then press [T] to confirm and to move to LAbEL parameter

  • Press [Print] to change value to 1, press [T] to confirm

Make sure the scale is connected

  • Make sure the scale is turned on, enter  below url in browser to check the scale status

  • http://POSBox_Ip_Address:port/hw_proxy/status

  • If the scale status is shown connected as below screen shot then your set up is fine, otherwise check the cables again

Configure POS

  • Go to Point of Sale > Configuration > Point of Sales

  • Select your point of sale

  • Go to Hardware Proxy / POSBox

  • Enter the POSBox IP Address in IP Address field

  • Enable Electronic Scale

Configure product

  • A product need to be configured to be able to weight at POS

  • Go to Point of Sale > Orders > Products

  • Select your product

  • Go to SALES tab

  • Go to Point of Sale

  • Enable Available in Point of Sale and To Weight With Scale


Now when everything is set up properly, you can start testing the scale

  • Open your point of sale

  • Waiting for your point of sale loading completely

  • Select your product

  • The weight screen should be displayed with the weight read from AZExtra scale

Important note

If the weight is not reset properly, please check the protocol in status page. If the protocol shown as Toledo then you need to change the params for Toledo protocol in Posbox as below

  • Login to posbox

    • ssh pi@posboxip

    • password: raspberry

  • Edit file /home/pi/odoo/addons/hw_scale/controller/

    • Change the params in Toledo protocol

      • newWeightDelay = 3 # the new weight displayed in 3 seconds then reset to 0. You can change this time as you need

      • autoResetWeight = True # must be True to reset the weight to 0

Still have problem?

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