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Setup EFTPOS terminal with Linkly Cloud

Step 1: Connect your EFTPOS terminal to cloud

Turn on your terminal, press FUNC then 7410 and ENTER

Press Terminal Setup

Press Begin

Select Cloud Comms

Press Setup Wi-fi at the bottom right

The Scanning Wi-fi network screen will be displayed

Select your Wi-fi in the list to connect

Enter Wi-fi password

Connecting screen will be displayed

On the network settings screen, press Next

Press OK on the setup complete page

Once returning to the setup screen, press the CANCEL button quickly to show the PAIR CODE

If not, to find the PAIR CODE, press FUNC-8880 then ENTER

Step 2: Pair your terminal with Odoo

1. Go to Invoicing > Configuration > Accounting > Journals

2. Select Havi Linkly journal

3. Then click on EDIT button

4. Enter Linkly Username, Password and Secrect number

5. Enter the Linkly Paircode from the terminal in Step 1

6. Click on the PAIR PIN PAD button to pair the terminal with Odoo

How to use the EFTPOS terminal with Odoo

Pay the invoice with terminal

1. Create an invoice in Odoo

2. Click on Register Payment, select Havi Linkly setup in Step 2, then click on Pay

3. Tap the credit card on the terminal to make the payment

Pay at the POS checkout

1. Setup the Linkly payment for POS

2. When checkout, select Linkly payment method

3. Tap the credit card on the terminal to make the payment

Great news has arrived for Australian merchants looking to elevate their payment processes!  

Linkly has recently unveiled its seamless support for Commonwealth Bank Essential Plus terminals, also known as CBA terminals.

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