How to print POS invoice directly without downloading


Sometime POS customers asking for the invoice instead of the receipt. Then you need to download the invoice PDF then send it to the printer for printing.  It is about 30 seconds to finish this job. If you serve 100 customer per day, it takes you about 3000 seconds which is equivalent to 50 minutes.

This post is written to help you save the printing time then increase your sale by printing the POS invoice immediately whenever the order is validated without downloading

Step #1: set up your printer with Google Cloud Print

Please follow the link Here to add your printer to google account.

In summary:

  • Connect your printer to Wifi network

  • Login to your google account

  • Add the printer to Google Cloud Print

Step #2: install Google Cloud Printer module

Please download the module Here. The module is available for version 8 and 9 only. Contact us if you need version 10 and 11.

Install the module to your Odoo system.

After installing the Google Cloud Printer module, please go to the module description for how to connect your printer to Odoo

Step #3: select POS invoice to be sent to printer

Go to Settings > Printing > Reports

Search for "point_of_sale.report_invoice"

Open & Edit the report. In the Print tab:

  • Action: Send to Printer

  • Printer: Select your printer

Save the report


Under Specific actions per user, you can set different action or send report to different printer based on login user


After completing the set up. Open your POS, make an order then check out. Remember to select Invoice button then click on Validate. The POS invoice should be printed directly from the printer.

You can also verify the report sent to printer by checking the print job in Google Cloud Print

  • Go to

  • Select Printer in the left hand side

  • Select your printer then click on Show Print Jobs

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