Outlook and Odoo CRM/Helpdesk integration

Create and Update CRM/Helpdesk data from Outlook directly

1.Open CRM menu

Open your email then locate Havi icon on the top right hand side as next image. Click on Havi icon then click on CRM Pipeline

2.Connect to Odoo

For the first time, click on SETTING to connect to Odoo

3.Enter Odoo info

Host: IP address or host name of Odoo. Example: or odoo.havi.com.au

Port: Odoo port. Example: 8069

Database: Odoo database

User: user to login to Odoo

Password: password to login to Odoo

4.Create CRM record from Outlook to Odoo

If  step #3 is fine, then the ADD/UPDATE button will be enabled. Click on ADD to create the new record or UPDATE to update existing record in Odoo.

The Username and Email will be picked up automatically. The Expected Revenue you can enter manually

5.Check the record in Odoo

Check the new created record in Odoo. You can update the existing record via UPDATE button

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