Have it ever come to you why countless hours of your time are being spent processing sale orders? Normally, when your customer makes a purchase, an order is delivered to your system. From here on, you will need to work with a courier and get your labels printed before executing the shipment. 

This is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. What's worse? Over time, when mistakes aren’t caught or removed from record, human error becomes very costly. A complicated shipping process will likely put you at risk for late deliveries, more labor cost and damage your brand accordingly.

Your product goes through many steps before it is delivered.


Enough is enough. Don't let handling frustrated customers due to inventory and shipping mistakes be the norm.  By asking the right questions and investing in an automated shipping system, you are one step closer to getting your business towards a profitable growth in the future.

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Print shipping labels

Download, preview labels before printing.

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Increase delivery time

More customer satisfaction.

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Tracking shiping

Configure and send courier tracking url.
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Save labor cost

More budget for other investments.
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Get real-time price

 Make accurate quotation's price.
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Manage shipping labels

Easy to manage labels from couriers.