Sales rep real-time tracking

Streamline your operations of sales team in real time,
from mobile app to CRM

Empower your sales team with advanced sales rep tracking CRM solution

Havi Technology offers a robust sales rep tracking solution designed to streamline and enhance sales team performance. With our advanced solution, sales managers gain the power to monitor sales rep's activities in real-time, enabling them to optimise their productivity in the field and identify opportunities for improvement.

Sales rep real-time tracking Havi Technology Pty Ltd
See sales rep location
in real-time

View current location of all sales reps
View detailed location of individual sales reps
Locate sales reps in your Google Maps at any time
Show direction to sales rep location in Google Maps

View sales rep’s
travel history

View travel history of any individual sales rep
Filter history by today, yesterday, this week, last week, etc.
View sales rep route in Google Maps

Automatically syncs with mobile devices

Tracking app runs in the background, without sales reps having to open the app to sync
Sales rep tracking is seamlessly integrated with Odoo CRM, to give you fast, easy access and analytics

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