Upgrade Odoo for better, faster, and smarter operation

We assist businesses with the entire Odoo upgrade process from planning to its execution, ensuring a seamless transition.

Elevate your business by harnessing Odoo to the fullest

As Australia Odoo Gold Partner, we are committed to help businesses harness the full power of Odoo ERP platform. Our priority is to keep our clients well-informed about Odoo's latest enhancements and features, enabling them to refine their operations and boost productivity.

We begin by analysing your current system, challenges, and growth objectives. Then we provide you a comprehensive plan to align your workflows with the latest Odoo version.

What is Odoo upgrade?

Many businesses aim to constantly improve productivity and maximise their profits. This is often achieved by enhancing their existing systems to align with updated workflows.

At Havi Technology, we are dedicated to helping our clients figure out where they can do better and use the Odoo platform to the fullest.

Every year, Odoo releases new versions, packed with new features, improved performance, enhanced security, compatibility, and bug fixes. An Odoo upgrade involves moving from an older version to a newer version. Upgrading ensures your system stays stable, secure, and increase efficient in using the system. Our goal is to provide a holistic solution that optimises your business processes, make informed decisions, and drive growth.

odoo update Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Odoo upgrade has its perks

Access to
new features

Upgrade to access the latest tools and features, enabling you to reduce manual tasks as much as possible.

Boost system performance

Experience improved system speed and responsiveness, ensuring smoother operations and better user experiences.

your processes

The new Odoo version is designed to simplify and optimise your processes, reduce manual effort, and increase efficiency.

Enhance security

Stay protected with the latest security patches, safeguarding your valuable business data from potential threats.

Boost productivity

Take advantage of enhancements designed to save time, automate tasks, and empower your team to accomplish more.

Ensure compatibility

Ensure seamless integration with other systems and applications by upgrading to the latest version.

How we have helped clients to upgrade Odoo to the next version

SYSTEM ANALYSIS Havi Technology Pty Ltd

System Analysis

We begin by understanding your current system, and growth objectives, then provide a comprehensive plan on upgrading Odoo.

DATA BACKUP Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Data Backup

Make sure that you have a backup of your current database for the later use. We also work with you to remove any parts you don't need anymore.


Modules & Data Migration

We value accurate data for driving growth. We'll migrate, review, structure your modules, customisation, and existing data to the upgraded system.

DEPLOYMENT Havi Technology Pty Ltd


Implement the upgraded Odoo version on your live servers, ensuring all data, workflows, and integrations run like clockwork.

USER TRAINING Havi Technology Pty Ltd

User Training

Provide training on new features to ensure your team maximises adoption and leverage the upgrade's benefits.

ONGOING SUPPORT Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing technical support and assistance to address any issues, and ensure your system runs smoothly.

Meet the pioneers and succeed with Odoo upgrade

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