What should you do to be Single Touch Payroll compliant when using Odoo? Yes, getting a STP-enabled software, such as Keypay, is a good choice. But still, such a solution doesn’t save you from the countless hours updating Odoo payroll entries for your accounting. So, what to do?

Don’t sweat it, Havi is here! Our specialized module will make your payroll processes fast and simple, saving you more time, efforts and finance.


Integrate YOUR keypay with Odoo

Through the integration, all of your employee's payroll information will be synced between the two programs. This allows payroll entries to be automatically created in your Odoo journal, meaning you won't have to do a single thing. Not only does this save time, but it also helps you keep a good track of employees' payment details, ensuring the utmost accuracy of your operations.

With the Odoo-Keypay payroll integration, creating and managing employees’ payroll, in a fast, efficient and digital way, has never been easier.


By automating payroll processes, you can prevent potential errors and save yourself the trouble of performing manual works, getting you one step closer to a better, more sustainable development.

simplified payroll ACCOUNTING

Our module will simplify your payroll accounting in Odoo by spontaneously saving all payroll entries. With this function, you can forget about all the hours spent on entering worksheets and manual updates. Now, your time can finally be used for more important matters - what are really worth it!


EASY ACCESS to information

After integrating Keypay with Odoo, you can manage your employees’ details dually, both in Odoo and Keypay. No more switching! This ensures the convenience in your daily operations and, more importantly,  your timely response should a problem occur.

Making sure your staff is being paid correctly will no longer be a problem.



No manual handling is required, thereby erasing any potential data errors as well as corruption.


With a simple click of a button, you can oversee all information regarding employee's payrolls.


Payroll entries for your accounting is  automatically saved, giving you more time to work on other tasks.