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Integrating Glass Enterprise Edition 2 makes your inventory system simpler, faster and more accurate.

The vision to improve your inventory system

When your people wear smart glasses, they know exactly where to go, what to pick and how to pack it – without sifting through (and checking items off) reams of paper. Glass Enterprise Edition 2 also gives them freedom to work hands-free.

Our expert team can build a smart glasses solution, tailored for your inventory system. Or we can build the entire inventory system with Glass Enterprise Edition 2 woven in. Either way, we’ll integrate the smart glasses to your ERP system to keep up-to-the-minute data flowing through your business.

We are an approved Glass solution provider, which means we offer proven, specialist skills and ongoing support for you and your workforce. Our team is reliable and knowledgeable, with the ability to adapt to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The benefits of working our Glass solutions experts include:


A sure fire way to delight customers is to put the right products in their hands in the shortest possible time.


A streamlined pick, pack and ship process reduces your costs and increases your production capacity.


Smart glasses maximise accuracy and minimise the risk of human error.


Carrying and lifting products is safer when staff have both hands free to pick, pack and ship.

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By reducing paper consumption, smart glasses help your business reduce its environmental footprint.


We train your people how to get the most from smart glasses, and how to troubleshoot too.


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