5 Reasons That Make Odoo Stand Out From The Rest

Odoo takes ERP system one-step forward with its ability to suit all types of business scale.

Known as a software-based model, Odoo offers users a real-time project management in a systematic way. It helps to reduce the need for manually managing data related to eCommerce, CRM, warehouse management, finance, accounting and many other enterprise features.

 Zoom in 5 detailed reasons as follows to know how Odoo can help your business and why it stands apart from the rest.

1. An all-in-one platform

Odoo is a comprehensive management platform with intuitive and elegant interface tailored to all-sized enterprise requirements. As a module system, it comes with more than 1500 apps that can be easily extended with community modules or customised modules that suit specific business’s purposes.

2. Flexibility and Modular

There are thousand modules that you can opt for and enhance your business processes. Easily get started with basic modules, implement them to the workflow and scale up further in accordance with your requirements or company’s growth.

3. Terrific User Interface

Simple yet elegant. Clear navigation combined with user-friendly and smooth experience help non-technical employee can execute functions with ease without having much need for training.

4. Open Source

Being open source means that you have the ability to customise the system based on what your needs. In detail, developers can get access to the codes and modify them to make changes according to your requirements.

Besides, Odoo utilises the powerful and fully open source database PostgreSQL, which is highly secure, reliable and fault tolerant.

5. Cost-effective Solution

Don’t worry if you are running a small or medium scale enterprise with limited budget. When it comes to customisation and implementation, a full community version of Odoo costs you cheaper compared to other ERPs.

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