STEDI: A new era of ecommerce, inventory and logistics management

A new era of ecommerce, inventory and logistics management

STEDI, a trusted manufacturer of high-performance LED automotive auxiliary lighting products in Australia, keeps its inventory in-house at its fulfilment headquarters in Melbourne. With full control over their supply chain and fulfilment processes, STEDI is able to dispatch orders quickly and efficiently. 

However, producing global-standard products and optimising business operations is a challenging task, which is where Havi Technology comes in. Havi provides an integrated tool to help STEDI achieve its vision of becoming a leader in cutting-edge design and market-leading performance LED driving lights and associated accessories.

One of the most frequent Odoo implementation requests is for the improvement of B2B order administration and accounting. STEDI needed the ability to make online payments upon acceptance and set varied credit terms for customers. With Odoo's Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Accounting modules, STEDI can achieve all this and more. The company now uses Magento, StarshipIT, and Australia Post to effortlessly print labels and submit manifest files, allowing for a seamless workflow that meets customer requests as items go through different sources or channels.

Logistical challenges are inevitable when shipping consignments both locally and worldwide. STEDI turned to Havi for a solution to improve their shipping processes, resulting in the implementation of a Warehouse Management System with Odoo Inventory and Barcode modules. These modules enable product barcode scanning, label printing, inventory management, click & collect processes, batch picking, and other order management processes. By automating the Pick-Pack-Ship process, STEDI has greatly optimised their operations, reducing machine and human errors.

Shipping over 3,500 consignments per week has never been easier.

Shipping over 3,500 consignments per week has never been easier

The integration allows STEDI to manage its sales and inventory from a single platform, reducing manual data entry and minimising the risk of errors. Orders placed on Magento are automatically synced to Odoo, where they can be processed, tracked, and fulfilled. With centralized inventory management, STEDI can keep track of stock levels in real-time, make informed decisions about purchasing and restocking, and avoid overselling.

In addition, STEDI has integrated with Inventory Planner to improve the accuracy of purchasing forecasts on Odoo. Inventory Planner is a tool that helps create more accurate purchase orders by providing insights into inventory demand and sales forecasting.

Odoo syncs the inventory levels to Inventory Planner, where it automatically schedules the creation of purchase orders in Odoo to purchase the required items. The integration helps streamline the purchasing process and optimise inventory management for STEDI.

Odoo syncs the inventory levels to Inventory Planner

The integration has greatly improved STEDI's operations, providing a seamless workflow that meets customer requests as items go through different sources or channels. Additionally, with Odoo's reporting and analytics capabilities, STEDI can gain deeper insights into its sales and inventory data to make data-driven decisions that improve its performance.

Havi also suggested the implementation of Odoo's Point of Sale system, greatly improving STEDI's in-store orders fulfilment process. Showroom sales and stock pickups are now more seamless, with advanced payment options and integration with STEDI's accounting system.

With Havi Technology's support, STEDI continues to shine and earn the hearts of customers and partners in the  automotive industries. After the successful transformation of inventory and warehouse management, Stedi was acquired by GPC Asia Pacific Holdings, which also owned Repco Australia.

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