How to Manage Your Remote Team Successfully

Manage the Remote Team

Working from home is the new normal. Yet when the home office becomes a necessity in times of crisis, it leaves business owners wondering about the best practices for managing remote teams.

Because Havi Technology is a fully remote company, we have a lot of experience managing our international staff successfully.

The #1 thing you need to keep your remote team organised is a strong business management software. Since Odoo has CRM, accounting, project management and more in one convenient cloud location, it gives us the confidence as business owners to manage our company and remote team from home. 

The Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

Managing a remote team can feel chaotic. Due to the challenges of coordinating with your staff across many different softwares, and apps, there’s a new demand for strong automated processes that create an effective remote working environment.

Management Strategies

Many business owners have the impulse to micromanage remote employees, but an employees dislike this and b) it doesn’t help remote work to, well, better!

Instead, focus on using everyone’s time wisely, and instruct team heads to do the same. Remember this: Communication is key!

Best practices for improving employee performance:

  • Set clear expectations for remote communication to help establish a daily routine
  • Schedule calls in advance and stick to time constraints
  • Check in at expected intervals, but not so much that you cut into productive worktime.

Management Systems

You also need a system in place to keep work tools like CRM, inventory, and payments organised. 

Here’s how Odoo makes switching to remote work easy:

  • Since Odoo is cloud-based, it doesn’t require any physical fixes, ever: Server upgrades can be done from anywhere
  • With a single centralised system, there’s no complicated data transfer. Just think: How many hours would you recover if you didn’t need different tech to cooperate?
  • An automated business process means you work from anywhere. Employees and management have instant access to the tools and data needed to collaborate and keep on track with KPIs.

Remember how we said communication is key?

Odoo instantly updates the progress of tasks between team members working in the same platform. When one team member assigns a task to another, they’ll be able to see the assignment history and receive notifications when it is finished.

No one likes lengthy email threads or phone check-ups - now they’re gone. 


How We Manage Our Remote Team Successfully

Because Odoo’s user-friendly CRM integrates with project management, inventory, sales, and delivery easily, it allows our team to provide excellent customer support without any disruptions. They can work remotely while providing the same positive client experience.

Meanwhile, we can remotely oversee their performance using state-of-the-art KPI tracking. This seamless implementation means it’s easy for business owners to see areas for improvement without micromanaging staff.

For our team, this is by design rather than a happy accident. When employees don’t fear their manager looking over their shoulder all the time, they are more productive because they feel respected and have more freedom to accomplish their work.

Make Remote Management More Manageable

In this modern world, we need to make adjustments towards a new and more convenient way of working to avoid potential disruptions to our business.

People are often slow to change because they would rather stick with what they know. But when your current software isn’t working for you and the business world is turned upside-down, it’s time to invest in solutions that help you adapt quickly to any curveballs the future might throw our way.

Cloud-based Odoo complements a flexible working environment. Teams who switch between the office and home will have reliable remote access to all the apps and tools they need. 

Explore the many benefits for businesses, from the eCommerce integration to an IOT that’s reinventing manufacturing, and even Single-Touch Payroll integration designed for the Australian climate.

Want to learn how Havi can help you manage your remote team more effectively?