Streamline Timber Supplies Business Operations with Odoo Upgrade and Industry-specific Features

Timber business operations

Timber businesses often operate in dynamic environments where manufacturing processes adapt to the client’s unique requirements, and products can vary greatly in size and complexity. To effectively manage these challenges, timber businesses require a comprehensive operation management solution coupled with industry-specific features. This solution should seamlessly streamline all aspects of the business while maintaining the flexibility to meet the diverse demands of customers. 

Standing as the premier Odoo Gold Partner in Australia, Havi Technology has been supporting timber businesses to adopt the Odoo ERP. Going above and beyond, we’ve built industry-specific features that cater to the distinctive needs of the timber supplies sector. 

Let’s explore one of our customer stories and see how Odoo can help timber businesses!

Client Overview

Our client is a prominent Australia-based timber supplies business, offering premium imported timber and local timber varieties that cater to diverse customers.

Renowned for its expertise in sourcing top-quality timbers, the company is committed to delivering products to customers at the most competitive prices. With years of experience, they have cultivated connections and resources that enable them to offer affordable yet high-quality timber products across Australia.

Australia-based timber supplies business

To continue growing and maximising profits, it is crucial to improve operation management. This, in turn, facilitates increased productivity and reduced costs. A pivotal focus in achieving this goal is enhancing their existing Odoo operation management system with Odoo. 

This Odoo upgrade enables the company to enhance automation and performance which will eventually help them make their business operations and flow more efficient and seamless. The decision to transition from their existing system to a more advanced Odoo system, coupled with tailored industry-specific features, was undertaken.

Move to an upgraded Odoo system for operational enhancement

The company turned to Havi Technology to address its unmet needs. Havi’s team worked closely with the client to understand their needs and challenges. The goal was to enhance their Odoo ERP system and provide tailored solutions that would cater to the intricacies of the timber industry. The client expected that the upgraded Odoo system will help them:

  • Improve the system’s speed and enhance the user interface to ensure the better business performance.
  • Streamline all business processes from manufacturing and inventory to sales and finances.
  • Keep track of inventory with a special unit of measurement aligned with timber industry-specific requirements.

The initial stages of the implementation process involved a thorough assessment of the current systems, including default and custom functionalities, workflows, and additional requirements tailored to the unique needs of the timber business. 

The Havi team played a pivotal role in providing insights, helping the client envision their processes, and showcasing how the Odoo ERP software could significantly improve these operations. Further development suggestions were made to ensure the solution met the industry-specific requirements, laying the foundation for a comprehensive and tailored Odoo system.

Tailored Odoo-powered system to adapt to the customers’ needs

Here is the way Havi helped the client:

  • The journey began with upgrading their current Odoo system from Odoo 14 to an advanced version of Odoo 16. Havi's team adeptly managed the upgrade of various Odoo applications, including manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, sales, and more, ensuring a seamless transition to Odoo 16 versions. Careful attention was paid to guaranteeing the smooth transfer of all critical data from the old system to the new one, aligning seamlessly with the client’s workflows.
  • Regarding the need to manage timber products with special units of measurement — a common challenge in the timber industry, Havi further developed bespoke features that help the client keep track of inventory with special units of measure (UOM). This feature is useful for managing products with variations such as dimensions or grades. 

track of inventory with special units of measure (UOM)

  • Throughout the upgrade process and beyond, Havi remained responsive, promptly addressing any issues related to the client’s Odoo database
  • After successfully going live, the client has also additional requests to streamline invoicing processes when customers make payments. The Havi team is actively working on customising invoicing to align with the client's specific requirements.

With the upgraded Odoo system and further development of company-specific features in place, the company gained better visibility into its ongoing business operations. The ability to manage products with special units of measurement meant that the intricacies of the timber business were no longer a hurdle. The entire operation, from manufacturing to inventory management, now flowed seamlessly within the Odoo system.

The client continued to thrive, offering an extensive selection of premium timbers to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. The Odoo upgrade not only improved efficiency but also allowed the business to stay true to its commitment - providing affordable yet high-quality timber products to the builders and craftsmen of Melbourne.

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