The Digitalisation Process: The Future of Society in the Digital Age

The Digitalisation Process


It’s the time of the digital transformation. The way we live, work and communicate is no longer the same as it was a decade ago. It’s time to embrace the change and take advantage of it.

What are some ways that you can make your business more agile and resilient? There are some basic principles that will help you to engage in effective digital transformations:

  • Create value with technology
  • Adopt new ways of working
  • Innovate
  • Change mindset: from analog to digital.

What is Digitalisation?

Digitalisation is an economic theory that means the process of converting products, services and activities from physical form to digital form.

A digitised world offers many benefits to consumers. Digitisation can be said to connect dimensions of life in ways that have never been possible before.

How is the World Going Digital?

The digitalisation process is the basis of our lives now. It has been the source of growth for many enterprises and individuals. Digitalisation has also been the reason for a drop in crime rates and an improvement in living conditions.

The first stage was getting digital infrastructure to help people and businesses connect reliably with each other without any physical contact being necessary. Nowadays, this phase has already been completed and countries are going through phase two - getting people to adopt new technologies into their lives seamlessly.

A few other trends in going digital are: entrepreneurship becoming more popular among young people, big data increasing importance in business decision-making and social media platforms like Facebook connecting communities across borders easier than ever before


Digital transformation is a complex process for any company that wants to achieve success. To be able to succeed in this era, the first thing a company must do is to find out who they are and what their goals are. They should also figure out what their customers want and plan a way for them to achieve it.

The following steps will walk us through the process of digital transformation in six simple steps:

  1. Build and design the system
  2. Align corporate culture with digital transformation
  3. Develop tech resources
  4. Implement change management processes
  5. Develop analytics and measurement capabilities
  6. Monitor progress in order to make adjustments as necessary.

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