Odoo & Sharepoint Integration: Key Features & Best Practices For Seamless Data Syncing

Have you ever experienced Sharepoint and Odoo operating as two different platforms, making your departmental data hard to access? This data isolation leads to a breakdown in communication, which impedes teamwork and reduces output. The good news is that a solid Odoo & Sharepoint connection can help you bridge this gap.

We'll demonstrate how Havi's integration solutions can streamline data synchronisation between Odoo and Sharepoint and help your company reach higher productivity.


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Why Our Clients Need Odoo Sharepoint Integration

Businesses consider integrating Odoo with Sharepoint because they often struggle with fragmented data, processes and systems. Integrating robust business systems like Sharepoint and Odoo enables them to unify data and streamline operations. When you allow seamless data transfer between these platforms, your business will experience higher productivity, better collaboration, and more data-driven decision-making:

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Why businesses integrate Odoo with Sharepoint

  • Address data silos: It is challenging to get a complete overview of your company's activities due to data fragmentation. By establishing connected workflows between Odoo and Sharepoint, businesses can break down these silos and promote better communication practices.
  • Minimise overhead: Manually switching between Odoo and Sharepoint to input data can be tedious and prone to mistakes. The integration automates this procedure and gives your staff more time to concentrate on higher-value duties. 
  • Boost productivity: When syncing the data between Odoo and Sharepoint, your employees can access data without having to switch systems. Workflows are streamlined, and overall efficiency is well-boosted.

Custom Workflows: Sync Odoo Data To Sharepoint With Havi

To help you leverage both Odoo and Sharepoint, as a leading provider of integration solutions for ERPs, Havi offers a seamless way to synchronise data between the two systems. Here's how we streamline custom workflows:

1. Sync sales orders (SO)/purchase orders (PO) attachments from Odoo to Sharepoint

When a new SO/PO is created in Odoo, its attached files will be synced to Sharepoint. By clicking on the document link, users can easily view these files directly from within Sharepoint. A notable advantage of this feature is that it allows users to click to open documents instantly. This way, we simplify how users access documents and improve the data-sharing process. For example, the feature encourages a better document view experience (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) by letting users open documents quickly from Sharepoint or the Odoo Document app.

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Open an attachment in the Odoo Document app

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The attachment is opened directly and quickly

2. Sync contact attachments from Odoo to Sharepoint

When new contacts are created in Odoo CRM, the contact’s attachments will be synced correctly to Sharepoint. When users access documents from within the Odoo contact tab, they can open the related documents in Sharepoint directly and quickly. Furthermore, any changes made to contact information, subfolders, or sub workspaces that are created within Odoo are automatically reflected in corresponding Sharepoint locations.

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Before & after making adjustments to the contact name in Odoo & Sharepoint

3. Sync folder structure from Odoo to Sharepoint

Successful sales operations also require effective lead management. If users make changes to the workspace templates and folder structures in Odoo, our integration solution enables automated adjustments to those in Sharepoint. After that, these folders are seamlessly synced to SharePoint, delivering a well-organized folder structure throughout all of your customer's engagements.

Best Practices Before Integrating Odoo With Sharepoint

It’s crucial to follow best practices to guarantee a seamless and effective integration process. Here are some important details to remember:

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Best Practices Before Integrating Odoo With Sharepoint

  • Know your integration objectives: Give a clear overview of your integration's goals. Define which particular problems to solve, which procedures to automate, and which data to synchronise. Is it to synchronise contacts with customers, sales orders, or both? Your setup efforts will follow a clearly defined target.
  • Establish data mapping: Carefully review the data fields, formats, and relationships, and specify which data fields in Odoo must match with their counterparts in Sharepoint. This guarantees that data seamlessly moves between the two systems without interruption.
  • Ensure security & user permissions: To manage who can access and edit synchronised data, clearly define your user permissions. Then, provide clear criteria for user permissions so that only authorised individuals can access specific data. This protects your confidential business data.
  • Handle & log errors: To identify and resolve any problems that might occur during the integration, put in place a strong error mitigation framework. By logging these mistakes, you can minimise the downtime and troubleshoot issues more effectively.
  • Test & monitor: Carefully test the integration before implementing it. To ensure data synchronisation, perform extensive tests to ensure functionality and performance across a range of use cases. Keep an eye on the integration's performance to make sure everything is operating as it should.

Get Support To Customise Advanced Workflows

Customised workflows or sophisticated features may be necessary for many firms to meet their specific needs when connecting Odoo with Sharepoint. 

In such scenarios, Havi provides committed support and professional assistance in customising the integration to meet your unique requirements. Our team of specialists will work closely with you to identify your unique processes, needs, and bottlenecks to create specialised solutions that align with your business goals.

Want to learn how Havi can help you enhance your operations with Odoo?

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