Should You Use Odoo 13? Discover the Best Features & Benefits

Many significant updates have been made to Odoo 13, including an improved Accounting module and a more effective Field Service Management system. The ultimate product is a comprehensive platform that gives its users the best tools available to run a profitable business and guarantee total client pleasure.

Let's have a look at the features that Odoo 13 has to offer to understand exactly what has changed.

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odoo 13 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

An overview of Odoo

Today, over 12 million users happily run their businesses with the Odoo platform and successfully manage operations, improving business performance and management. Odoo is an open-source resource planning system with fully functional and configurable business management solutions. It is a cloud-based platform that integrates your CRM, sales, project management, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, HRM, marketing, and other applications.

Currently, the platform is available in two editions. Community edition is provided free of charge but with limited functionality. Enterprise edition is an enhanced version with the ability to go through all levels of customisation that will suit the operations management of any business. With a modular infrastructure where all the complete operations of your company are managed efficiently, Odoo delivers efficiency and improvement in any process.

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Notable new features in Odoo 13

1. New & Efficient Accounting

In Odoo 13, the Accounting application has had a significant modification. Improved form, list views, dashboards, and usability all contribute to the availability of Chatter on journals and journal entries. By enabling the reconciliation of a payable and a receivable payment, reconciliation has become more convenient. Using the search function, it is simple to locate these reconciled records.

download odoo 13 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Improved Odoo Accounting (source: Odoo)

More notable enhancements include the ability to generate bulk invoices, verify the validity of IBANs, and manage assets through accounts. This enables you to easily and flexibly manage your finances. Other than that, you can also consider other changes, like the simplicity with which Taxcloud may be configured and the ability to select the journal's security level for accounting entries.

2. Enhanced Views

Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can generate new records in the Gantt view with only one click. These records are readily resized, rescheduled, and edited within the view. 

download odoo 13 for windows Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Enhanced views in Odoo 13 (source: Odoo)

There are many more elements in the activity view as well that make event scheduling simple. You can indicate whether to accept or reject an invitation to an event right from the pop-up window in the calendar view. Moreover, the Kanban view makes it easier to alter the event sequence as well.

3. Robust Field Service

Odoo 13 helps to smartly schedule appointments, promote sales, provide personalised reports, and send invoices to clients wherever you are with the Field Management solution. 

github odoo 13 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Odoo Field Service Management (source: Odoo)

Having the map view available makes it easy to remember appointments that are coming up and the route that needs to be followed to get there. You can arrange your intervention according to projects and plan it using the Gantt view. Products can also be chosen straight from the intervention and then billed.

4. Easier Product Rental

In Odoo 13, the Rental application was created especially for vendors to rent to customers. Through the app, you can generate rental orders, invoice them, schedule delivery, and arrange for returns. It is also possible to track the products to determine whether ones generate enough income.

install odoo 13 ubuntu 20.04 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Odoo 13’s Sign-app connection

Thanks to the Sign-app connection, renters may immediately sign off on the rented items. The Gantt view is another tool for managing and viewing rental scheduling. The start and end rental dates can also be set using a single widget.

5. Convenient Recruitment

You or employers can find the perfect fit for your teams using Odoo 13 and recruitment is made simpler with the Referral app. Employees are encouraged to participate in the recruitment process and form teams in a superhero game to score points. These points are automatically awarded to them by the connected recruitment app. This app is a mobile-friendly solution that enables you to post job openings on social media.

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install odoo 13 on ubuntu 20.04 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Recruitment game in Odoo 13 (source: Odoo)

6. New Learning Management System

Odoo has recently added a brand-new learning management platform. With instructions, videos, and a forum, you can now build up a training platform and certify the students. All this is integrated with the Odoo website and accomplished online.

odoo 13 community Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Odoo 13’s Learning Management System (source: Odoo)

7. Marketing Improvements

Odoo 13 goes one step further with marketing resources and offers comprehensive solutions. These include tools for SEO, email marketing, SMS marketing, blog and website content, and marketing automation. Your capability to trace SMS throughout their path and reach anybody, wherever, further innovates SMS marketing.

odoo 13 community download Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Social Marketing in Odoo 13 (source: Odoo)

Furthermore, the new Social Marketing app facilitates your interaction with the community and provides insight into the overall audience perception. This allows the tracking of client comments and company reviews. As this app helps to integrate with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, potential customers or leads are also engaged.

Why Odoo could be one of the best ERPs?

1. All in one

Any level of business management, including all operational issues, can be accomplished with Odoo thanks to its specialised modules and dedicated modular infrastructure. Your certain company processes will be addressed by specialised application-specific modules, including manufacturing, planning, accounting, inventory, sales, purchasing, HRM, etc. Furthermore, these solutions are connected with full and efficient autonomy in your organisation's administration. Everything is run smoothly within a single platform.

2 Cost-effective

For users, Odoo offers more affordable pricing plans charge than many other ERP solutions This makes it a more cost-effective operational option when you or other teams are responsible for managing the server's costs. Any company will be able to provide a first-rate business management tool thanks to full operational capabilities and reduced registration and development rates.

3. Open-source

Odoo includes a specialised modular operations infrastructure. Furthermore, anyone can contribute to the development of Odoo's open-source environment - which creates a huge advantage. It will be developed with input from the Odoo community, which consists of all Odoo partners, consultants, developers, and other service providers who fully support the platform.

4. Localisation

Accounting is one of your business areas that will need to integrate localisation tools and follow specific standards. This is where different regions have different taxation and financial policies, posing the need for configurable tools. Depending on your company's operating region, unique modules that are integrated into the Odoo platform can be deployed to support every part of the venue. Additionally, international business operations and multi-currency management are also supported by the platform.

5. Application options

More than 10,000 different Odoo apps can be downloaded from the Odoo App Store and utilised for background operations. An Odoo service provider can assist you with configuring and maintaining the regular functionality of their applications.

Wrap things up

How does Odoo 13 appeal to you? With the help of our Odoo-certified professionals, you can maximise the use of business solutions and navigate the newest features of the Odoo 13. Take advantage of a free demo with Odoo specialists to gain a better understanding. Together, we can make the most of Odoo to increase productivity and smoothly oversee your company's operations.

Want to learn how Havi can help you enhance your operations with Odoo?

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