Why Odoo for HRM Drives Your Operations (and 9 Key Modules)

Odoo HRM’s bundle of solutions is not a typical HR software. It provides a complete solution that gives top management, HR, and your employees more authority and capability.

Key Odoo applications for HRM include Recruitment, Employees, Time Off, Appraisals, Referrals, and many more. Let's explore Odoo's excellence in human resources management and what it offers to enhance your HRM practices.

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An overview: Odoo HRM empowers everyone

Here's a short breakdown of how Odoo caters to each user group's specific needs:

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1. Employees

Employees may waste up to 12 hours a week owing to information silos in traditional HR systems, which frequently cause them to become bogged down in administrative activities. Unlike these systems, Odoo for HRM puts employees at the core of their career journey. Odoo makes it possible for them to take an active role in the workplace by encouraging self-improvement, fostering teamwork, and optimising duties. This leads to success on both an individual and organisational level. Any employee in your organisation can easily access personal data about their income, taxes, insurance, business travel policies, or interim payment settlement. Specifically, they can control who can have this access with custom configuration.

For instance, the self-service portal in Odoo gives users the ability to effectively manage duties, which reduces their dependency on HR and encourages ownership. It goes beyond simple usability as Odoo makes goal-setting, feedback-giving, and learning resources accessible, promoting ongoing improvement and career development. Additionally, Odoo's internal communication features may break down obstacles and enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing across departments.

2. HR department

According to EY's research from 2023, the average anticipated cost of an HR department's single manual data entry without a suitable solution is $4.78. Even though manual labour may seem unimpactful, the costs add up with significant effects. Are your HR teams also trapped in manual duties and procedures?

HR leaders can leverage Odoo for HRM to automate workflows related to hiring, file management, employment management, evaluation, and other tasks. Your time can be better allocated to other important tasks as a result. Furthermore, Odoo’s data-driven insights improve resource allocation, training, and personnel management. Odoo turns your HR staff into strategic business partners by automating processes, utilising data, and improving talent management, which drives organisational success.

3. Senior management

When it comes to human resources, management boards wear many hats, from talent acquisition and regulatory issues to increasing employee engagement and gathering critical workforce insights.

Odoo for HRM enables your senior management to shift from reactive decision-making to a data-driven workforce strategy. The system provides real-time reports that lead to actionable insights. You can imagine streamlining employee engagement, turnover rates, and training efficacy, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that maximize your workforce's potential. Odoo allows you to effectively address talent gaps, identify future leaders, and implement strategic workforce planning using real-time data.

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Why Odoo streamlines your HRM operations

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1. Streamlined workflows and reduced costs

Consider the Odoo Pa​yroll module as an example. It has helped firms reduce administrative burdens in HR team departments, freeing up valuable time for other strategic initiatives. If combined with other Odoo business modules, this combination will result in more financial benefits for organisations.

These enhancements result from Odoo's emphasis on automation and self-service tools. Automated workflows handle repetitive operations such as onboarding, leave approvals, and expenditure management by reducing manual data entry and streamlining procedures. Employees may instantly access data such as payslips, request leave, and update personal information via the self-service portal. This way, they can decrease their dependency on HR for routine inquiries and save time, plus money. In addition, features like performance management and recruitment portals enable employees to take control of their own growth and career advancement, minimising HR workload and costs.

2. Improved recruitment and onboarding

In terms of hiring and onboarding, Odoo for HRM offers notable advancements. Recruitment and appraisal issues were previously a problem for Baker Tilly Consulting. Still, the business now has a more efficient hiring management procedure thanks to the deployment of Odoo's modules.

The key to Odoo's success is its data-driven, efficient approach. For instance, candidate tracking is automated and targeted job posts are optimised via the integrated recruiting portal. This lessens your team’s hiring and lessens dependency on manual procedures. In a nutshell, automation of workflows, digital document management, and pre-populated forms make your onboarding procedures a smooth experience.

3. Enhanced performance management and development

59% of employees believe that traditional performance management methods have little effect on their productivity, according to Gartner. This is the point at which powerful ERP systems, such as Odoo, can help your business manage its performance and grow.

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What makes Odoo so powerful is that it focuses on employee empowerment and data-driven insights. The system makes goals and performance reviews transparent, with open communication and ongoing development. Because employees have access to learning resources and can evaluate themselves, they will actively engage in their development, which fosters ownership. Managers also get access to extensive analytics and performance data, which help them pinpoint each employee's advantages, disadvantages, and areas for growth.

4. Fostering employee engagement and communication

Better employee collaboration is one of the main advantages companies have reported using an ERP system like Odoo to achieve. The information shows how improved employee retention and satisfaction could lead to organisational success.

Thanks to Odoo's internal chat and forum tools (which dissolve communication silos), employees can interact across divisions, share knowledge, and easily ask for assistance. This strengthens employee engagement by creating a sense of community and belonging. Employees may feel appreciated and heard with the help of surveys or recognition programmes, which also facilitate open communication and feedback exchange.

5. Scalability and integrations

Your HR department needs to change as your company grows. Odoo HRM can tackle this difficulty with its remarkable scalability and integration capability. After the Odoo implementation, Cosanum AG met its scalability demands and accomplished more in less time, as agility and speed became the norm. 

The modular architecture of Odoo enables you to begin with basic HR features and easily add other modules when your business grows, such as performance management, or recruitment. This means your HR system will grow with your company without the need for external solutions. To further streamline data flow and create a cohesive HR ecosystem, Odoo also interacts with several third-party apps, including LMS, or payroll systems.

6. Improved employer branding and talent acquisition

Odoo for HRM is a great option when it comes to acquiring top talent and improving employer branding. First off, the system gives employees the authority to become brand representatives. They can share positive experiences thanks to features like social media integration and referral management tools. They can showcase corporate culture in this way, enhancing your employer's brand message naturally. Furthermore, Odoo HRM features encourage open communication and transparency, which increase reliability and attract more applicants.

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Key Odoo’s HRM modules

1. Time Off

Odoo's Time Off application serves as a centralised platform to store time off information. The app handles all requests, balances, allocations, approvals, and reports. It can handle employee absences, including vacation requests, sick leave, personal days, remote work arrangements, and more. You may imagine employees submitting requests very quickly via a self-service portal, managers accepting with a single click, and automated workflows managing all calculations and notifications.

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Notable features include:

  • Create and manage different types of leaves, configure flexible settings, etc
  • Take, monitor, track, and review your and your team’s time off, etc
  • Configure, designate and manage specific days for your company, etc.

2. Employees (+ Attendances)

Odoo Employees manages your organisation's personnel records, contracts, and departments. It streamlines personnel management from onboarding to offboarding via a single source of truth. This module serves as a single HR hub, handling everything from employee information and contracts to performance reviews and training. Employee self-service capabilities like payslip access and leave requests save your HR team much time, while automated processes manage onboarding, data, and compliance tasks.

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Notable features include:

  • Manage user profiles and options like skills management, on and off-boarding plans, appraisal and signature requests, etc. 
  • Specify, assign and manage work information like role planning, expense approvals, etc.
  • Utilise smart buttons for timesheets, equipment count, contract documents, etc.
  • Manage organisational practices such as employee editing configuration, access rights, department structure, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Recruitment, Expenses, Appraisals, and other apps.

3. Recruitment

Odoo helps you organise all job candidates using a pre-configured series of procedures and stages that each of them must complete. If you're tired of searching through resumes and handling complicated hiring processes, Odoo's Recruitment can help you find new talent. Consider it a digital matchmaker that supports you recruit top prospects through a user-friendly portal, streamlines applications with automation, and simplifies interview scheduling. You can pre-screen candidates based on their experience, conduct interviews effortlessly, or make data-driven hiring decisions. Everything is accomplished within a single platform.

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Notable features include:

  • Organise job positions and openings, employee and employment sites, recruitment process and activities, etc
  • Assist in recruiting such as candidates filtering and scheduling, offer delivery, salary configuration, etc
  • Assist in hiring such as employee integration, onboarding activities, feedback and reviews management, etc.

4. Appraisals

Odoo Appraisals help to eliminate paper trails and feedback loops by automating performance management with data-driven insights. Consider it your digital coach, providing ongoing feedback, establishing clear goals, and measuring progress all in one place. Moreover, your employees can actively engage in self-assessment, managers provide regular feedback via the platform, and performance data is readily available for informed decision-making. 

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Notable features include:

  • Set up a periodical employee evaluation
  • Assist in collecting insights and building the right appraisal
  • Use templates to design custom surveys
  • Automate the evaluation process and others.

5. Referrals

Odoo's Referrals application provides a centralised hub for all referral-related information, including earned points, hired coworkers, or collected rewards. You can recommend people you know for job openings and earn referral points as those candidates move through the recruitment process. Think of it as a digital word-of-mouth machine, incentivising employees to recommend top prospects via a user-friendly portal. This app also monitors automatic referrals, improves contact with potential hires, and suggests rewarding staff for successful referrals.

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Notable features include:

  • Use comprehensive job-sharing tools
  • Manage ongoing referrals via a single source of truth
  • Customise teams, set up rewards, and more.

6. Fleet

Odoo Fleet manages all of the cars, including contracts and upkeep. While this module focuses on vehicle and logistics management, it can indirectly increase your HRM efficiency through improved employee experience and streamlined workflows. Imagine your employees being able to simply reserve company cars through a self-service interface and minimise HR administrative duties. Automated maintenance reminders and cost-tracking features keep your operations running smoothly, while fleet data insights can help with resource allocation. Finally, this integrated method saves HR departments much time and creates a more efficient and productive mobile work environment.

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Notable features include:

  • Simplify fleet management 
  • Supervise and manage leasing, or contracts
  • Identify and trace the costs
  • Access insightful analysis and reports, and others.

7. Other valuable modules


Odoo Payroll automates your pay cycle. The module effortlessly calculates salaries, deductions, and taxes. It can be your digital accounting assistant who generates pay stubs, handles deductions and maintains regulatory compliance. This module eliminates administrative overhead for HR, improves accuracy, and ensures that employees receive their pay on time.


Timesheets in Odoo allow you to eliminate the use of spreadsheets. This application correctly records your employee hours, which improves time management. It helps your employees effortlessly log hours, supervisors approve with a click, and perfect calculations automation. You can save time, avoid manual errors, and give useful information on project costs and resource allocation.


Odoo's Expense module simplifies your expense administration. With this feature, employees can submit receipts electronically, managers easily approve, and reimbursements handled via automated workflows. Your team may lower paperwork, save time, and increase transparency in company expenditure, driving greater financial efficiency.

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Understand your operations inside out with a demo

Odoo HRM makes all of your HR processes easier. This can be the most advanced system for any form of business. You can use the full Odoo ERP or a single module to meet your company's requirements. As Odoo's Gold Partner, Havi Technology will assist you in analysing, setting up a demo, and implementing the best Odoo solutions so you can manage your resources efficiently


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