Best Odoo 17 Improvements & What To Do Before Upgrading

If you're looking for the greatest upgrade in ERP systems, get to know Odoo 17 - the latest version recently released by Odoo.

With a range of exciting new features and improvements, Odoo 17 is expected to revolutionise the way our businesses operate. From a brand-new user interface to powerful AI integration, Odoo 17 offers significant enhancements that will make things easier. Delve into the best new improvements in Odoo 17 and what you should do before upgrading.

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When is the right time to switch to Odoo 17?

Odoo 17 has been accessible since November 8th on Odoo Online, and also downloadable on

It's important to note that Odoo 16 was available for production branches in February of 2023 (a few months after release). While upgrading scripts are accessible for testing, a stable Odoo 17 version suitable for production databases is expected to be available for on-premise and customers around February. As a best practice, it is advisable to consider upgrading to the new version no earlier than three months post-release to mitigate potential bugs and errors that may arise during this initial period.

Note that if your system includes third-party modules and customisations, it is advisable to wait until their developers release updated versions compatible with Odoo 17.

Should you upgrade Odoo 16 to Odoo 17?

Although Odoo 16 introduced a wealth of features, Odoo 17 builds upon and enhances these capabilities. But should you implement the Odoo 17 upgrade? For users currently on Odoo 16, waiting may be an option, but those with older versions of the Odoo ERP should seriously consider upgrading for a better experience. Here are key reasons to consider:

  • User interface: Odoo 17’s user interface has undergone a significant redesign which ensures a more intuitive and contemporary look for users. This facilitates seamless navigation for your employees within the system
  • Performance and scalability: Migration to Odoo 17 for a system has been optimised to efficiently manage increased volumes of data and transactions. This facilitates expanding businesses
  • Cutting-edge features: There is a suite of innovative Odoo 17 new features. Notably, the system now provides advanced inventory management capabilities. It enables you to effectively oversee stock across various locations
  • Robust reporting and analytics: Odoo 17 provides you with an extensive array of customisable reports and dashboards to glean valuable insights into your operations
  • Powerful AI integration: Finally with this upgrade, Odoo has integrated AI into its ecosystem. This makes it easier for you to generate a more dynamic customer experience
  • Discontinuation of support and bug fixing for Odoo 14 and older on Transitioning to Odoo 17 helps you to stay with updated versions. Odoo 17 marks the end of support and bug fixing for Odoo 14 and earlier versions.

Best new advancements in Odoo 17

1. A fresh makeover

Odoo has introduced an entirely revamped interface, marking a significant highlight in this new version. The conventional perception of Odoo with its distinctive purple image has been transformed, as recorded in the recent Odoo 17 release notes. It presents a comprehensive redesign that seamlessly integrates a clean UI with modern elements.

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Odoo has created alterations from app library icons to an entire UI overhaul. The design is not only clean but also engaging and enjoyable. Described by Odoo as a reflection of their vision to enhance workdays, one feature at a time, the new UI embodies a balance of functionality and aesthetics.

2. New industry library

You can now streamline your experience by choosing your industry directly from the library and do not need to navigate through the extensive array of 80+ apps. This tailored approach facilitates a more efficient and industry-specific onboarding process.

Odoo 17 new industry library (source: Odoo)

If you choose a specific industry, a suite of relevant apps with pre-configured business workflows and demonstration data is ready to use. This approach ensures a smooth configuration process within your industry selection and reduces the complexities of implementation.

3. Improved POS

The POS system has significant enhancements, specifically to modern restaurants or shops. It now lets customers place orders and make payments through QR code scanning on their mobile devices or by a self-service kiosk.

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Odoo 17 POS improvement (source: Odoo)

Significantly, the new Kitchen Display feature focuses on optimising order processing for kitchen staff. It offers versatility for handling online orders or preparing large customised orders. These updates enhance menu customisation with features like pricing combos for complete menus and improved variants for flexibility. Moreover, the Appointments integration enables customers to book tables online easily.

4. New AI integration

Odoo has seamlessly integrated ChatGPT into its ecosystem with diverse applications. From refining Knowledge articles to enhancing marketing campaigns and emails, ChatGPT empowers you to generate text alternatives. This strategic integration underscores Odoo's commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for a better user experience.

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Odoo 17 ChatGPT integration (source: Odoo)

The Website app now integrates with ChatGPT to streamline website creation through auto-generated content tailored to your objectives.

5. New website scraper

Odoo 17 brings a notable update to its website scraper feature. This feature streamlines the migration of external websites into Odoo pages, eliminating the need for extra manual efforts. You can integrate external websites effortlessly by pasting your addresses, enabling Odoo to adapt the structure to fit well within the Odoo setting.

Moreover, Odoo provides an efficient method so that you can create new pages from the ground up with industry-specific templates and AI integration. The updates show a broader range of page templates, a redesigned header and footer, and an improved shape library. Significantly, Odoo 17 got the customer portal overhauled, along with a refreshed front end for E-commerce, Events, Forums, and Appointments.

6. Significant updates in Sales apps

Odoo 17 introduces notable enhancements with the Sales apps. The quotation builder now lets users craft personalised quotations with images, product descriptions, tailored messages, terms and conditions.

Odoo 17 quotation builder (source: Odoo)

Furthermore, the product catalogue has had significant improvements. This helps simplify the process of searching and adding products to quotations. With a single click, you can now access a comprehensive view of all products and improve your workflow’s efficiency.

7. Supply chain, inventory and production

For you to streamline the replenishment process, Odoo 17’s Manufacturing Order Overview will consolidate essential data, such as component status and reordering options. You can efficiently compare vendors directly within the dynamic report to improve the management of manufacturing orders.

In Odoo 17, the Shop Floor app replaces Tablet View and notably enhances the experience for work centre operators. Once a Manufacturing Order is confirmed, it appears on the Shop Floor, allowing operators to easily follow work instructions. A simple touch on the touchscreen instantly updates the database, and this marks a smoother and more efficient process.

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Odoo 17 Shop Floor app replacing Tablet View (source: Odoo)

The latest update introduces a notable feature to manufacturing orders, with a barcode scanner and mobile device compatibility. You can easily update information by scanning used components, and automatic printing upon barcode scanning, among other improvements. Moreover, the Inventory management app sees enhancements in the picking flow, allowing you to view quantities per location as reserving products.

Aspects to consider before switching to Odoo 17

Before starting the switch, it's essential to evaluate the current state of your existing system and plan accordingly:

  • Assess the compatibility of your current modules and customisations with Odoo 17
  • Develop a thorough strategy for data migration. Safeguard all existing data, including databases, configurations, and customisations
  • Ensure comprehensive training and support for your teams to familiarise them with the new UI, features, and processes in Odoo 17
  • Focus on testing by creating a dedicated environment to evaluate the performance, functionalities, and integrations of Odoo 17
  • Get support from Odoo and the community to ensure you can access resources, documentation, and help for potential migration issues.

Wrap things up

For more accurate details on Odoo 17, you can visit the official Odoo website, release notes, and community forums. The community actively participates in discussions, and official channels provide the latest updates on new features and improvements.

Whether you’re already using Odoo or about to implement ERP software for your business, Odoo 17 is a top choice. It enables businesses to streamline operations, increase productivity, and achieve earlier success. If you need assistance with Odoo 17 or other digital transformation-related cases, do not hesitate to discuss them with us. Havi Technology, certified as Odoo’s Gold Partner in Australia, is always ready to provide comprehensive support throughout your implementation process.

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