Odoo 18 On The Way: 9 Most User-Requested Features

Every year, Odoo releases new features and this year, it’s going to be an Odoo 18 release. Everyone was excited and talked about the new changes with Fabien Pinckaers - Odoo CEO.

So, what Odoo 18 features are the users expecting the most? Scroll more and we will cover 9 most user-requested features from Fabien’s sharing in the sections below.


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Odoo 18 Release - Odoo Experience 2024

Odoo Experience 2024 is scheduled for October (2nd - 4th) in Brussels. If you aren’t aware, this is one of Odoo's biggest events because Odoo will unveil the latest Odoo 18 and test it out directly for partners and customers.

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Odoo is a leading open-source ERP in the market. It operates as a business data centre and integrates all key functions such as human resources, finance, supply chain, sales, marketing, and so on. In case you’re unfamiliar with Odoo, here are some 3 key reasons for attending Odoo Experience 2024:

  • Being one of the first people witnessing the release of Odoo 18: In particular, Odoo experts will provide official presentations and workshops. These resources help users to understand precisely the latest features and what values are driven for the businesses. 
  • Network with official Odoo representatives and partners during Q&A: Here you can raise your questions related to your current business infrastructure. What practices should be taken for the implementation and customisation? This way, you seek help from the certified experts by Odoo.
  • Connect with the Odoo user community: This event attracts thousands of Odoo users. It is an opportunity for you to connect and ask about their real-life experiences and learn more about how they utilise Odoo for their business.

Every year, Odoo releases new features and this year is no exception. Everyone was curious and talked about the new changes with Fabien Pinckaers - Odoo CEO. So, what Odoo 18 features are the users expecting?

9 Most User-Expected Features of Odoo 18

1. Enhanced Marketing Workflows

The first improvement that most users expect is enhanced marketing functionalities within Odoo. This priority for user experience means that marketers are hoping for a more comprehensive marketing automation solution. Three significant improvements to expect are:

  • Automated contact merge
  • Better email deliverability
  • More streamlined automation setup

A more streamlined task completion flow is also expected. If these features are improved, they will assist marketers in simplifying their marketing workflows, removing technical hurdles, and spending more time making strategic decisions. Moreover, more personalisation features should be added, i.e. name splitting or linking registrations to contacts so that we can boost the lead nurturing efforts.

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2. Streamlined Website Content & Navigation

It often takes careful investigation during website maintenance in any case, and it’s no exception for Odoo users. Hence, a “Save as Global” option is highly expected within the Odoo website editor. This functionality enables users to save reusable content blocks and automatically apply them to any page. For example, let’s say you must create a CTA section on the homepage and add it on other required pages. “Save as Global” will save you lots of time duplicating and adding the block to other pages. This also helps maintain your content consistency.

There might also be changes in the top navigation bar of the website builder as Fabien - Odoo’s CEO, mentioned earlier this year. The suggestions for a new look are diverse: no icons for better readability, or a minimal look with icons only. These changes will have an interesting impact on usability.

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Fabien’s sharing about the Odoo 18 website editor bar

3. Improved Sales Performance Tracking

Sales leaders wear many hats and have to keep an eye on each sales team member. From this insight, users expect a more robust sales management solution in Odoo 18 - setting personalised goals for each salesperson in CRM. Being able to do this, leaders can set specific goals for each member monthly, quarterly, and annually.

If the feature is developed in Odoo 18, users can use reporting tools to compare sales targets with each member's actual performance. This way, managers get more insights into their member's growth and target achievement.

4. Optimised Gantt Views

Optimised visualisation tools are inevitable in project management. Odoo users commonly request the more effective use of Gantt views. Currently, you can use Gantt views in project timelines, but there are limitations on scrolling and zooming.

It would be better if Odoo allows us to zoom in and out, or adjust to any degree the details in Odoo's Gantt views. This way, users can get a more comprehensive view of the project and easier browsing steps through longer timelines.

5. Native GS1 Barcode Generation

If your business relies heavily on logistics, seamless sync with global supply chain standards is a must. Many Odoo users have the same demand, and they have been asking for a native GS1 barcode generation within the system. 

GS1 barcode is a global system for product identification and currently, businesses manually integrate it or use 3rd party solutions. It would be better if Odoo developed this feature to get rid of the bottlenecks. By generating GS1 barcodes directly from Odoo, businesses can streamline inventory management and product flow with greater productivity.

6. Optimised Mobile CRM & Quote

Although we can already generate mobile quotes in Odoo 17, there is a high expectation that Odoo 18 optimises this feature even more. The feature is significantly important for remote sales teams.

One of the most expected features in quote generation is simpler opportunity lookups. Users need more efficient reference and note-taking. Hence, the Odoo CRM is expected to offer effortless access to open opportunities. Moreover, streamlined mobile views will also be a great adjustment. Odoo 18 is expected to provide simplified field view interfaces that show key data on contacts, notes and conversation history. Lastly, users also expect to use text input or voice dictation in taking notes for faster data capture.

7. Automating Data Entry with OCR

It's undeniable that manually entering bank and credit card data eats up time and creates potential errors. Even though certain credit card processors already offer automated integration, users still request for Odoo 18 to integrate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

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OCR extracts data in Odoo

If Odoo enables the feature, users only need to scan paper statements, and the accounting system is automatically operated from the retrieved OCR data. This way, we can minimise errors, and manual initiatives, as well as free up the time.

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8. Optimised Fiduciary View

It can be tricky to manage draft documents in high volumes with Odoo Accounting. Many users also request Odoo 18 to improve the draft visibility in this case. 

Specifically, it is expected that the number of draft documents be displayed directly in the fiduciary view because the accounts cannot quickly review the drafts. If Odoo updates this feature, it guarantees that all papers are precisely processed and certified. This helps to enhance the financial workflow and get rid of manual counting.

9. Non-financial Reporting

Environmental responsibility has become more important, increasing the need for sustainable business methods. As requested by many Odoo users, the CSRD or CO2 emissions reporting features are the solutions.

With this feature, businesses can manage and report on the carbon impact directly from Odoo 18. This can be achieved with a seamless integration of travel cost, energy usage data or other data. Users can leverage the feature in 3 ways:

  • Regulation Compliance: Businesses can keep up with the rules and comply with, i.e. the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
  • Better Sustainability Indicators: You can get important data about your carbon footprint to take focused actions.
  • Greater Transparency: This helps prove that you are committed to protecting the environment, which is utilised to show your future clients or stakeholders.

Newcomer? Why 12M+ businesses are using Odoo

If you’re wondering why a large number of users within the Odoo community will opt for Odoo 18 this year, the answer lies in its adaptability. 

Digital transformation is no longer a new concept, and what has been required the most is how businesses can adapt and maintain their position in this scenario. With a modular design and an open-source infrastructure, Odoo allows you to customise an ERP system that is optimal for your requirements. Odoo's features will grow with your company, whether you're a manufacturer, healthcare service provider, or an e-commerce enthusiast. Keep exploring the possibilities of Odoo 18, and in case you need help, we can make it a solid foundation for your digital transformation journey.


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