What's New and Noteworthy in Odoo 15?

With a new AI engine, better POS system and inventory management, what else does Odoo 15 offer to us? The official unveiling of Odoo 15 took place during the Odoo Experience 2021 on October 6 and 7. This event covered many topics and shared valuable information, with a highlight being the introduction of Odoo 15.

Read below for Odoo 15's most recent features and improvements!

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odoo 15 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

What are Odoo 15’s available editions?

Odoo 15 is out now and available in Odoo Community and Enterprise editions.

The open-source version, Odoo Community, is mostly suitable for small and medium companies. With no licensing fees, users can access an extensive range of apps, showing the spirit of a community-driven approach. Essential modules on business operations, including sales, inventory, CRM, and HR, are included. Although the Community edition may have yet to have the advanced capabilities included in the Enterprise, it is still a great starting point for businesses looking for a flexible and affordable solution.

The premium, subscription-based Odoo Enterprise, on the other hand, offers a more feature-rich experience for companies with complex demands. This edition is built upon the Community’s features and designed for larger businesses with specific functions. It adds more modules and advanced capabilities like marketing automation, integrated e-commerce, and advanced inventory. Users will access the newest advancements, dedicated support, and frequent upgrades. Offering scalability and a comprehensive toolkit for integrated business management, this edition shows Odoo's approach to satisfying the various needs of enterprises.

Explore Odoo 15’s best note-worthy new features

1. More efficient discuss experience

The Discuss app went through a total overhaul. Screen sharing, audio calling, and video calling have been included. Better emoji sets, group conversations, chat names, and external invites are now supported.

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odoo15 havi technology Pty LtdScreen sharing in Odoo 15’s Discuss

Guest users are now supported as well. They ‘'land'’ on a personal page where they can have direct conversations, input their name, and share a microphone and camera. A straightforward "Start an appointment" button has been included for direct communication.

Some surprising features in the Odoo 15’s Website Builder:

  • Greater internal dialogue
  • Total project administration
  • Send clients invitations via email
  • Assign tasks and send out emails to make alerts simple
  • Evaluate the project's status with the "Project Burndown Chart".

2. Smart AI in Website Builder

2.1 Website building

Odoo has created an AI engine that creates a website for you. To build a pre-made website template, select a colour theme, upload your company's logo, and answer four questions. The website design will automatically incorporate the colour from your company's logo if you upload one.

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odoo 15 development essentials havi technology Pty LtdAI engine in Odoo 15’s Website Builder

Odoo 15's website builder is 35% quicker than Odoo 14's. In terms of performance and quickness, it's a huge improvement. In addition, they have also updated the blocks with a multitude of template options. To offer your website a lovely appearance, every building block now comes with the theme colours.

download odoo 15 havi technology Pty LtdDiverse building blocks in Odoo 15’s Website Builder

2.2 E-commerce

You may now globally search across a variety of goods, categories, and blogs using the search feature. To draw attention to your products from potential buyers, add customisable ribbons and filters based on pricing.

You may now manage carts using a variety of choices. In Odoo, you have the option to alter the flow such that your consumers are routed to their carts or not. Additionally, you may now use or sell gift cards in POS systems and online stores.

Some surprising features in the Odoo 15’s Website Builder:

  • A dynamic website is created in minutes by an AI engine
  • A range of domains to choose from
  • Eye-catching colour schemes, pictures, and text
  • Upload the company's logo and other customised elements.

3. Interactive and faster POS

The Point of Sale (POS) in the new Odoo 15 is incredible. The newer point-of-sale system is designed to make sales more interactive, straightforward, and rapid. By inviting clients and delivering them products with only a click of a button, you may increase sales. After that, email the customer a quote, and have them confirm the order, and you've made the sale!

download odoo 15 github havi technology Pty LtdThe Point of Sale (POS) in the new Odoo 15

Apply a "down payment" for the product and provide a price quote if there is any discussion with the transaction. For quick sales operations, the POS's front end and back end are completely connected.

Some surprising features in the Odoo 15’s POS:

  • Receipt for multiple orders
  • Link up with the Bar Scanner
  • Warranties, maintenance, and repair services provided aftersale
  • Incorporates CRM and e-commerce.

4. Better inventory management

The Inventory Adjustment View can be one of the more useful new features. With this functionality, you can easily verify inventory details, which include extras like history and differences. With the help of History, you can see the dates associated with different goods' purchases, sales, and other events, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the situation. In contrast, you can use Difference to calculate the remaining stock in your inventory depending on the profit or loss on your sales.

download odoo 15 windows havi technology Pty LtdInventory Adjustment View in Odoo 15

Some surprising features in the Odoo 15’s Inventory Management:

  • Automate plans for inventories
  • Streamline inventory
  • Very little manipulation of your products
  • Favorable position of stocks
  • Simplified stock
  • Enhanced labour & reduced mistakes.

5. More dynamic features to take a look at

Adjustable Pivot table and Graph views

To improve visual representation, modify or change the pivot views and graph that come with Odoo 15. Value-based outcomes are produced by strategically and methodically comparing values in the graphical designs with bars, lines, and pies. For a deeper understanding, the graph views can provide analytical and in-depth data. Now that the Odoo 15 customisable graphs are involved, everything is visual.

Purchase Management dashboard

Your purchase is logged on the eclectic view of the dashboard when you click on “Reporting”. It has totals, both taxable and untaxed, and other information. On this amazing dashboard, take in a comprehensive glimpse of your shopping history.

Different ways to get help with Odoo

Other than performing everything yourself, you can also get some help (depending on the scope of requirements) from Odoo and Odoo experts in many ways.

1. Odoo’s Support service

If you have decided to use Odoo 15, going for Odoo’s Support service is one of the most typical and easiest ways. This is where you can find direct support from Odoo’s support team or indirect support from Odoo’s online documents. 

As an Odoo’ Gold Partner, it’s our honour to suggest 3 main sources to get Odoo support:

  • Submit Support Ticket: Move to Odoo’s Support page, read carefully, and make sure that you understand what kind of support is included or not. After that, when you understand that your requirements are eligible, fill in the required information like Personal Information, Ticket Type, and Problem Details. Make sure that all information is correct and as detailed as possible. Ideally, the Odoo team might get back to you in a few days after submission.

odoo 15 studio havi technology Pty LtdOdoo Support Ticket (source: Odoo)

  • Research in Odoo Documentation: Say, if you have a little bit of experience with Odoo and need some help, you can start with the Odoo Documentation. This is where Odoo shares the official A to Z guide and configuration instructions. There is even a separate section for Developers

odoo 15 to 16 havi technology Pty LtdOdoo Documentation (source: Odoo)

Directly contact via email, phone, or WhatsApp: If it is too urgent, try calling, sending emails, or contacting via WhatsApp directly to Odoo. You can find their contacts by areas, hotlines, email, or Whatsapp number.

2. Odoo’s Forum

Apart from the first method, Odoo also built an Odoo Forum with 17,000+ members. In this huge community, you can search for help not only from Odoo experts but also from Odoo users who have hands-on experience with the Odoo system. Specifically, you can search by keywords, and maybe some users have encountered the same problem as yours. If not, you can submit a “New Post” and wait until someone gets to you.

odoo 15 website havi technology Pty Ltd

Odoo’s Forum (source: Odoo)

3. Freelance developers

Another option is hiring on-demand developers in the market. The cost might range from $35 - $70 per hour, or $200 - $600 per project (dependable) (Fiver). However, there are a few aspects that need consideration when hiring:

odoo 15 what's new havi technology Pty Ltd

Freelance developers on Fiver (source: Fiver)

  • What is the quality of work? Collaborating with a freelancer can be somewhat uncertain when it comes to gauging the quality of work, especially if they don’t have a proven track record. To assess the reliability of your potential partner, you can examine ratings, reviews, case studies or previous contracts, for instance
  • What is the level of reliability? The drawback of working with freelancers, who are often solo operators, is that their nature can pose challenges. Regardless of their expertise, they are solely responsible for the project’s progress. If they fail or need to address a critical situation, it can potentially lead to delays in your progress
  • Are you precise about the price? Make sure that you come to a precise agreement with the freelancer on all charges before, during and after the support process. In a few cases, the actual charges can be higher than expected because of incurred fees for extra help.

4. Odoo service providers

If your organisation contains a huge amount of data and a complex structure, consider Odoo service providers. Most of their services revolve around ERP systems, however, some may specialise in one specific system - like Havi Technology with Odoo implementation service.

Most of Odoo's service providers are accredited partners with not only Odoo but other ERP platforms as well. It means that these parties have extensive experience and a proven track record, certified by the platforms (like Odoo’s Partner). Therefore, besides Odoo’s support, this can be the second-best consulting solution with a comprehensive road map for your support need.

odoo 15 whatsapp integration havi technology Pty LtdOdoo service provider example

  • Strict security policies: Not like freelancers, service providers are in charge of various extensive projects, so they always develop security policies between parties. This helps protect your business’s important data and all agreements are by the law
  • An end-to-end process: Odoo service providers offer guidance throughout the entire implementation and ongoing maintenance process. Teams of Odoo specialists will make sure that instructions are given continuously, give a precise technical overview, keep an eye on requirements completion, conduct testing, and address problems
  • Reliable Odoo specialists: You don’t need to do extra screening because the provider already has certified experts and they are committed to seeing your project through to the end by default. Moreover, working with an Odoo service provider ensures that the Odoo development team or consultants are dedicated to your project, making progress smoother.

A wrap-up

With exciting new features and improvements, Odoo 15 is expected to offer us more ideal experiences in managing business operations. This will create new avenues for future business expansion in the long term.

Want to learn how Havi can help you enhance your operations with Odoo?

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