Automate Sales, Warehouse and Manufacturing Management to Enhance Services for NDIS Organisation

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Australia’s disability support industry has been increasingly competitive. Top-tier providers are committed to streamlining their operations from the back-office functions to the frontline services, while still ensuring optimal unparalleled service quality and customer experience.

To achieve these, organisations need the support of the right technology solution that can adapt to evolving customer needs. 

NDIS organisation

Havi Technology is honored to collaborate with Australia’s leading NDIS organization and support them in implementing the Odoo ERP solution. This comprehensive solution helps automate their operations spanning manufacturing, inventory, and sales management, enhancing workflows and delivering top-tier packaging and warehousing services for their customers.

Let’s delve into the details!

Client Overview

Our client, Australia’s leading NDIS organization, has been specialising in providing opportunities for people with intellectual disability and autism since 1970. Their mission revolves around empowering and enhancing the lives of people living with disabilities. 

Over the years, they have supported thousands of people with a range of abilities to thrive in integrated work environments and foster a connected, healthy, and independent life through a wide range of employment, training, volunteering, and social and recreational opportunities.

As a for-purpose social enterprise, the organisation operates different business units within a commercially driven environment, delivering quality and value to customers, coupled with social benefit by employing people who frequently struggle to secure and maintain employment.

Transforming to enhance service delivery for clients

With a range of certified social enterprises, the organisation has consistently delivered high-quality services for businesses engaging in social procurement. A spectrum of services includes packaging, re-working, pick and pack, light assembly, 3PL warehousing, and more. 

packing, 3PL

However, the operational management was mired in manual processes, hindering scalability and efficiency. Recognising the need for change to support growth and eliminate process limitations, they turned to Havi Technology, a prominent Australian ERP technology solution provider, to transform how they work and manage their business, aiming to enhance services for clients.

Leveraging Odoo for automated management

Havi’s team collaborated with the client to understand their services and operational processes, from sales and inventory to procurement and manufacturing processes. Then we provide them with a comprehensive plan to bridge their current workflow with the Odoo ERP system.

Odoo ERP software lets the business automate and optimise repetitive tasks and processes across sales, inventory, purchasing, and manufacturing. This significantly reduces manual intervention and increases overall efficiency. 

Havi streamlined the client's operations with Odoo in the following ways:

  • Havi implemented Odoo Inventory for the client, simplifying stock management and warehouse operations. With Odoo, the client can manage inventory in warehouses, locations, and routes for different purposes. For example, the client can have warehouses for manufacturing, storage, or packaging purposes. This helps employees easily find the components, materials, and products they need for their work.

  • To enhance efficiency in processing purchasing, the Havi team configured Odoo Purchase to match the clients’ workflow, enabling them to manage purchase orders and send quotations to vendors easily and quickly.

  • Havi helped them to turn the client’s manual manufacturing management to Odoo Manufacturing. This centralises all manufacturing processes in one place and facilitates seamless data flow from sales orders to inventory management and manufacturing. Also, the client can keep track of production costs 

  • Also, the client can now manage all sales orders from customers in one place. 

  • Lastly, Havi supported the client in training employees to use the Odoo system and get the most out of the system.

With Odoo, employees were liberated from the burden of manual inventory checks, allowing them to focus on more value-adding tasks. Manufacturing and inventory management processes were streamlined, reducing the vulnerability to fraud. 

Driving business and client value

Harnessing Odoo’s automation for sales, inventory, and manufacturing management has allowed our client to not only optimise their processes but also unlock additional business value.

The Odoo implementation has led to saving time, increased productivity, and efficiency. This aims to improve NDIS service standards and delivery for both NDIS clients and providers.

“We are proud to be a part of this transformative journey, contributing to making a difference for the organisation.”

Ryan Vu · Technical Director, Havi Technology

If you are seeking a way to strengthen your operations to achieve optimal results that meet the needs of the organisation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We start by understanding your business thoroughly and then propose the optimal solutions to drive your business forward.

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