Renewable Energy Solution Provider Powers Its Sustainable Growth with Odoo

With ever-increasing competition, energy companies cannot afford to be hindered by isolated business systems, fragmented data, and labour-intensive manual processes that hinder progress and growth. 

That’s why our client, Australia’s well-known provider of advanced renewable energy solutions, initially embraced Odoo ERP and has now further enhanced its system. The goal is to elevate operational management, addressing the growing demand from customers who are opting for sustainable power alternatives. 

Client Overview

Our client is a widely recognised reseller and distributor of advanced renewable energy solutions and boasts nearly 50 years of combined experience. The company not only supplies cutting-edge products but also offers technical support and consultation services for installations to its clientele. 

Aligned with the government’s sustainability goals, our client aspires to be a trailblazer in this dynamic industry, helping to deliver sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions to consumers across Australia. 

reseller and distributor of advanced renewable energy solutions

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and collaboration, the company consistently explores new avenues for growth and impact. Through this approach, it remains dedicated to its mission of offering cutting-edge renewable energy solutions, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of Australia’s energy industry.

Enhance the Odoo System to Align with Operational Workflows

Odoo had been a part of their operations previously, the client now endeavours to refine the Odoo system to align seamlessly with their existing workflows in Manufacturing, Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, and more. Their primary focus is to simplify management, enhance workflows, and address distinctive business requirements. 

The objective was clear - leverage Odoo to streamline operations, support domestic and international activities, and promote better cross-team communications while maintaining data security.  

Role-based User Management, Improved Inventory Costing and Forecasting

Based on the current Odoo system, the client forwards notable improvements in cost accounting, a more accurate reflection of inventory costs, improved inventory controls, and streamlined user management based on roles.

Havi took steps to refine and enhance several functionalities within the Odoo system:

  • Role-based User Management in Odoo: Havi’s team developed a customised solution enabling role-based user management in Odoo. This eliminated complexity and ensured that employees had the right level of access needed for their roles while maintaining data security and control. For instance, inventory staff could view stock transfers, adjustments, and manufacturing orders without accessing sensitive financial data. 
  • Improved Inventory Costing: The team worked on enhancing Inventory Costing based on the average cost of each warehouse, providing clarity in financial records. The system also allowed adding landed costs to internal transfers and purchases, ensuring that inventory adjustments automatically generated a journal entry with the correct analytic account.
  • Inventory Forecast: Havi implemented an Inventory Forecast feature, alerting users to the minimum forecasted stock and minimum stock on hand for each warehouse. Users could release stock based on forecasts, optimising inventory management.
  • Optimised Internal Stock Transfers: Internal stock transfers were optimised, allowing validation of the transfer once, even when multiple products were involved, reducing confirmation time among warehouses. Partial dispatch and receipt of transferred products were also made possible.
  • Manufacturing Process Enhancement: The client's manufacturing processes received a boost with automatic updates in Analytic accounting based on the state of built/unbuilt units. Warnings for potential negative stock levels during building/unbuilding ensured accuracy. The system also automatically adjusted average material costs, maintaining precise financial records.
  • Fine-Tuning of Odoo Sales: Odoo Sales was fine-tuned to manage orders with margin prevention limits that vary depending on warehouse locations. A warning system for exceeding credit limits or overdue invoices ensured financial prudence.

Thanks to the optimised Odoo system, the client now operates with seamless processes. This enhancement has not only fueled their growth but has also contributed to the promotion of sustainable energy to a broader audience.

Havi Technology provides renewable energy companies with a single source of truth to implement, customise, and refine their back-end operations. At Havi, we assist businesses in selecting, customising, and implementing ERP software to run their organisation on a ERP consolidated, cloud-based platform.

Our success story serves as evidence of the impactful collaboration between forward-thinking businesses and innovative ERP solutions. Share with us your goals and challenges, and we’re happy to help you transform your operation with cutting-edge technologies.

Want to learn how Havi can help you power your sustainable growth?

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