Upgrading and Optimising Timber Business Operations with Odoo 16

Timber business success story with Odoo

Odoo has demonstrated its adaptability for diverse industries, including the timber sector. Havi Technology recently had the privilege of maintaining its partnership with a major timber business in Australia, assisting them in the seamless transition and optimisation of their Odoo ERP system. This involved upgrading to Odoo 16, tailoring the system to meet specific requirements, and refining workflows to enhance various aspects of their timber operations.

Now, let’s explore the exciting changes, improvements in operations, and the success story that has unfolded from this collaborative effort.

Client Overview

Our client stands as a foremost Australian manufacturer and supplier that specialises in laminated panels, plywood, and fabricated components tailored for homes and recreational vehicles. 

Originating as a family business, it has flourished over the years, expanding its product portfolio to encompass a diverse array, including electronics, timber, and premium panels sourced directly from Europe. The company is committed to conducting business with a strong commitment to environmental protection and the well-being of the public. 

a foremost Australian manufacturer and supplier in timber

Embracing a more advanced Odoo system

Familiar with the benefits of Odoo, all the client wanted to do was upgrade the current infrastructure of their ERP system. As such, they turn to Havi Technology - Odoo Gold Partner in Australia to address their unmet needs. The primary goal was to enhance system performance and optimise operations. 

The client had used Odoo version 11 for their management system – and while the system worked fine for a while – it simply wasn’t fulfilling the company’s requirements as time progressed. As such, both Havi and the client discussed options and decided to upgrade from Odoo 11 to Odoo 16 to create a better performance system. 

Upgrading and enhancing various workflows with Odoo 16

Havi’s dedicated team worked closely with the client to better understand the client’s daily operations as well as to determine what the best approach to this implementation was. Then, we conducted a comprehensive fit-gap analysis, aligning the upgrade with the client’s business goals and existing processes. The main Odoo modules upgraded include Manufacturing, Purchase, Inventory, and Sales.

Let’s take a look at key improvements that Havi helped the client:

  • One of the critical challenges addressed by Havi was to assist the client in easily managing timber products with a special Unit of Measure (UOM) within Odoo 16. This ensures greater flexibility and precision in inventory management.  

  • Havi developed a Replenishment functionality, enhancing the client’s ability to optimise stock levels and respond promptly to market demands.

  • We assisted the client in better managing multi-layer manufacturing processes. The system automates Manufacturing Orders (MO) creation for components with a Bill of Materials (BOM). It also enables warehouse staff and requesters to monitor the MO stages. Besides, the system automatically initiates stock picking for finished products. This helps streamline the manufacturing process and ensures efficient stock management. 

  • Furthermore, the client can now keep tabs on overseas shipments through a tailored Batch transfer feature within Odoo Inventory. It simplifies the process for the client to send all the necessary shipment documents, like details about containers and packages, to their forwarders for smooth pickup and delivery.

  • To manage warranties effectively, we established a custom warranty process for products, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping. The Warranty module is seamlessly integrated with Sales, Accounting, and Inventory, ensuring that all warranty orders are well-managed and processed. 

  • Our team implemented the Odoo Accounting module for the client and customised certain financial reports to align with their unique business requirements, providing a comprehensive and tailored financial overview.

  • Havi provided comprehensive training to the client’s staff on the upgraded Odoo 16 system. This included hands-on sessions, detailed documentation, and ongoing support to empower employees with the necessary skills to leverage the system’s full potential.

The successful upgrade to Odoo 16 streamlined the client’s operations and the system’s performance. As the client continues to evolve, Havi remains a trusted partner, ready to implement further enhancements and solutions to support their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. The Odoo 16 upgrade has become a cornerstone for our client’s success story, showcasing the transformative power of technology in business evolution.

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