Odoo POS Review: Features, Pricing & Performance in Businesses

Odoo POS is one of the top open-source solutions that is worth trying.

What makes Odoo POS stand out is its rich features and low upfront costs. This makes it an excellent option for businesses on a budget who are comfortable maintaining their own software or wish to develop a customised POS solution.

Below we put together all the standard information you should know about Odoo POS. Let’s dive in.


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What is Odoo Point-of-Sales (POS)?

1. Introducing Odoo POS

Odoo is the leading open-source ERP platform. It’s similar to an all-in-one system with different applications to manage different business aspects such as CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory, project management, etc. Odoo POS is one of those modules.

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Odoo dashboard

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of what Odoo can offer, you might want to read:

1.1 The Odoo POS software

Odoo POS is an open-source app specifically created to control your point-of-sale processes. It provides greater customisation options than traditional systems. Here’s what makes it an ideal solution for retailers & restaurant owners:

  • Easy to use: It offers a short learning curve with a user-friendly interface that’s easy for your staff to use. This results in lower onboarding costs and a quicker team ramp-up.
  • Rich features: More than just standard sales, it offers a variety of features to help you run your business more efficiently such as inventory control, CRM tools, and reporting purposes.
  • Offline functionality: If you're worried about internet outages interrupting your sales, Odoo POS is the saviour. It can function even when offline, ensuring you can continue making sales. Once your internet connection is restored, all your data will automatically sync up.

1.2 Odoo POS hardware options

Odoo POS gives you plenty of choices when it comes to hardware, so you can find some that fit your budget and business needs. Here are a few popular options:

No.1 Utilise devices you already have

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(source: Odoo)

Laptops & PCs: This is the most cost-effective option. Odoo POS runs in your web browser and works with USB barcode scanners and various receipt printers (thermal or inkjet).

Tablets (iOS & Android): Ideal for their portability and touchscreens. Consider the 8th generation iPad or newer for optimal performance.

(For high-traffic businesses) Industrial Touchscreens: These are built to withstand heavy use - ideal for busy stores and restaurants. They offer the same compatibility with peripherals as laptops and desktops.

No.2 Extra Hardware Options

Note that each of the hardware options might or might not require an IoT box, depending on the providers’ specific requirements:

odoo pos

(source: Odoo)

  • Barcode Scanners: Odoo POS works with most USB barcode scanners and even supports Bluetooth options for added flexibility.
  • Weighing Scales: Want to ensure accurate product weight at checkout? Integrate electronic scales with the IoT Box.
  • Cash Registers: Use any EPSON or Star-compatible cash register connected through the receipt printer.
  • Receipt Printers: Choose between simpler setups (Ethernet/Wi-Fi ePOS thermal printers, no IoT Box) or advanced options (ESC/POS or StarPRNT protocol printers, which require the IoT Box).
  • Payment Terminals: The IoT Box is required to connect with certain models from Ingenico, Worldline, Vantiv/FIS, Adyen, and Stripe.
  • Customer Display: Show customer information like order details on any screen with an HDMI input (requires the IoT Box).
  • RFID Tag/Key Fob Reader: Staff can quickly and securely switch user profiles with a tap of their tag or fob (no IoT Box needed).
1.3 How much is Odoo POS?

The Odoo POS software is free and available in both versions: Odoo Community and Enterprise. After creating an account and setting up, you can use the app immediately.

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(source: Odoo)

However, note that when it comes to the real costs of Odoo POS, it depends on how you set up and customise the module to fit your business needs. Here is a brief breakdown of the pricing:

Odoo versions

Odoo Community: Free

Odoo Enterprise:

  • Free Plan (with only 1 app)
  • Paid Plans (Standard at 34.4 AUD and Custom at 52 AUD per month)

(the price may vary depending on your region)

Software (Odoo POS app)

  • Free on both Odoo Community & Odoo Enterprise.
  • No processing fees: While Odoo POS itself doesn't include credit card processing fees, payment processor fees are a separate cost you'll need to consider. The exact amount will depend on the payment processor you choose (i.e. Stripe).

Hardware (Odoo POS)

  • Hardware prices vary: When selling, you need a computer, monitor, receipt printer, and barcode scanner (optional) (as we listed above). Depending on the brand and quality you select, these prices vary. You can check their prices on the provider website, i.e. Honey Well barcode scanner or Metapace K-2 cash register.

Other flexible options

  • Implementation services require extra fees: If you're unfamiliar with Odoo POS, you can rely on Odoo experts to help you set it up and customise it to meet the unique needs of your business. It's important to note that their services are not free and the cost may vary depending on the complexity of your requirements.
  • App subscriptions also require extra fees: Odoo's marketplace offers a variety of apps that can complement your POS module. However, to access the features of these apps, a monthly or yearly subscription fee is required.
1.4 How to set up your store?

Normally, to set up the Odoo POS app, users go through 6 main stages:

  • Configure the setting of your point of sales: Choose your business, POS interface, and connected devices; setting up taxes, pricing, payments, inventory, and more.
  • Try starting a new session: Edit and design your store/restaurant layouts.
  • Create the product categories: Adjust your product information, attributes and variants, sales, purchases, inventory, and more.
  • Adjust cash control, cash rounding, and pricelists.
  • Connect direct devices (i.e. order printer) or a scale using an IoT box.
  • Integrate other Odoo apps (i.e. Sales, Accounting, Purchase, etc.) with Odoo POS.
  • You should watch the step-by-step guide from Odoo on setting up Odoo POS to get your store up and running. If you need additional customisation to your POS, connect with our Odoo experts to build and launch your unique workflows.

7 Key Features of Odoo POS

With its extensive feature set, Odoo POS allows you to simplify your daily processes and concentrate on your customers. Let's take a closer look:

odoo pos system Havi Technology Pty Ltd

1. Payment Management

Beyond standard cash transactions, Odoo POS gives you more flexibility:

  • Securely process major credit & debit cards to adapt to customers’ preferences.
  • Integrate with widely-used mobile wallet services like Apple Pay or Google Pay to provide a convenient payment experience.
  • Enable customers to split bills to simplify group payments and tip your staff.
  • Provide real-time data about your cash flow and help manage your finances efficiently.
  • Allow multiple cash registers if you have a high volume of customers.

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Different payment options in Odoo POS

2. Checkout and Order

With Odoo POS, your customers will experience a quick and easy checkout:

  • The simple and intuitive design simplifies training.
  • Barcode scanning offers convenient checkout processes.
  • Discount & promotions management features
  • Order management features like order history, tracking, and backorders.
  • Transparently display order details on screens.

3. Store Management

Odoo POS gives useful tools to help you run your store effectively, including:

  • Real-time inventory tracking and alerts to prevent stockouts and improve your stock management.
  • Product management features that help maintain and access your product catalogue easily.
  • Real-time reports provide important data about your sales performance, customer behaviour, trends, and more.
  • User management features help improve security and control, and give your employees specialised roles and permissions.
  • Multi-store management features allow you to manage multiple businesses from a single location.

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4. Restaurant Management

Creating a pleasant dining experience is very important for restaurant owners.  Here are 5 robust Odoo POS features for restaurants:

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  • The table management feature enables you to organise reservations, provide quick service, and ensure a seamless dining experience for your patrons
  • With the kitchen display system, you can display real-time orders, streamlining communication between your front-of-house and kitchen staff.
  • The easy bill-splitting and tipping function lets you take care of group dining requirements without any hassle.
  • The kitchen order tools, such as ingredient tracking and recipe costing, help streamline order administration and ensure efficient kitchen operations.
  • You can also utilise happy hour pricing to attract clients during off-peak hours or run focused promotions to increase sales and customer loyalty.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Odoo POS is also a great tool to build lasting relationships with your customers. This is achieved through the following features:

  • Customer profile tracking helps businesses create a personalised shopping experience by providing data on customer preferences and purchase history.
  • Loyalty programs encourage customers to return and reward them for their loyalty.
  • The targeted promotions feature allows you to offer promotions and discounts based on the interests of specific customer segments.
  • Email marketing integration enables you to stay connected with your customers by keeping them informed about special deals and events.

6. Product Management

A well-run sales process depends on having a well-organised product catalogue. Odoo POS allows you to efficiently manage your products with:

odoo retail pos Havi Technology Pty Ltd

  • Product categories and subcategories
  • Product variants and attributes
  • Product photos and descriptions
  • Measurement unit
  • Product bundles and kits
  • Weight control to connect with electronic scales (if needed)

7. Integration with Accounting

Odoo POS and Accounting app work seamlessly together to provide you with 4 benefits, including:

  • Your accounting software and Odoo POS sales data automatically sync, avoiding mistakes and saving time.
  • Odoo Accounting generates extensive financial reports, giving you up-to-date data about your performance.
  • Reconciling your bank statements becomes easier with automated transaction updates between the accounting software and your POS.
  • You can also link Odoo POS to robust third-party accounting programs to ensure compatibility with your current financial system.

How Other Users Are Using Odoo POS

1. Real-world business cases

Case 1: A Food & Beverage Company in Belgium

Let’s explore Maison Dandoy, a family-run business based in Belgium that specialises in handmade, classic speculoos biscuits. Most of Maison Dandoy's company management techniques were manual, limiting growth and data visibility.

Their Challenges

To manage their handcrafted production process, Maison Dandoy needed a solution to:

  • Simplify the retail operations across several locations
  • Enable distribution at wholesale prices
  • Create an e-commerce store to facilitate sales worldwide.

Their outdated software systems and pen-and-paper inventory management had limited integration and produced data silos. Monitoring daily activities and getting an overview of the business performance was challenging.

Odoo POS As The Key To Streamlined Operations

Maison Dandoy chose Odoo for its cloud-based accessibility, customisation capabilities, affordability, and diverse app collection. The operations of Maison Dandoy have changed in several ways thanks to Odoo POS:

  • Real-Time Sales Data: The Odoo Accounting app automatically integrates daily sales transactions. There was no more manual data entry and they saved plenty of time.
  • Total Traceability: All their products are easily tracked within the system from the point of manufacturing to the point of sale. This ensures effective stock management and quality control.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With the consolidated data within Odoo, they can clearly see how each department is performing.

Case 2: A Clothing Store in Arab

This is another case about the recently opened concept store in Saudi Arabia - The Other Face KSA. They wanted a solution to simplify their retail operations because they were a startup company with few employees and manual procedures.

odoo apps pos Havi Technology Pty Ltd

(source: Odoo)

Their Challenges

The Alternate Face KSA did not have a well-established system in place to handle inventories, sales, or customer relations. This resulted in inefficiencies and made it more difficult for them to provide excellent customer service.

Odoo POS For A Smooth Customer Journey

The Other Face KSA now has Odoo POS to handle in-store sales. The key features include:

  • Easier Transaction Process: Streamlined procedures for product searches, quantity modifications, and barcode scanning.
  • Flexible Payment Options: For a smooth checkout process; the capacity to take payments with cash, cards, and even mobile wallets.
  • Better Customer Engagement: Features that promote customer loyalty and repeat business, such as gift cards, loyalty points, and simple returns, are implemented.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Sales reports offer useful information that helps monitor sales activity and guide strategic decisions.

2. Pros & cons: What users are saying about Odoo POS?

Let’s investigate how the current users on G2 and GetApp evaluate Odoo POS. 

With features like loyalty programmes, Odoo POS enhanced customer interactions, facilitated the checkout procedures, and gave useful data for better management. Odoo POS is a great option if you're looking for a cost-effective and user-friendly POS system. Nevertheless, certain restrictions on customisation and currencies need to be considered:

odoo erp pos Havi Technology Pty Ltd

In general, users on both G2 and GetApp stated that Odoo POS solved many significant problems for their businesses:

  • Efficient Sales Processes: Odoo POS increases overall sales efficiency by streamlining the checkout procedure and lowering errors.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: With the integrated inventory management system, users can ensure accurate stock levels and avoid manual tracking.
  • Better Reporting & Visibility: Users can now make well-informed decisions with useful sales reports and data by Odoo POS.
  • Data & System Consistency: With a centralised business management system, Odoo POS smoothly interacts with other Odoo apps.
  • Lower Costs: Odoo POS is affordable for businesses of all sizes, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional POS systems.

Is Odoo POS worth trying?

100% Yes, you should give Odoo POS a chance.

Despite a few minor limitations in the free version like limited layout customisation options, these drawbacks are outweighed by the robust features. We recommend trying Odoo because of its extensive feature set, integrations, user-friendly UI, and passionate community.


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