Odoo VoIP: 8+ Key Features & How To Choose a Server Provider

Overflowed with emails, piled-up voicemails, and colleagues chasing down for quick updates - all these headaches can be resolved with Odoo VoIP integration. This built-in module allows users to manage calls efficiently within their Odoo workspace.

Let’s find out more about its key features and what to consider when selecting a server provider.


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What is Odoo VoIP?

Similar to most of the typical VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol) systems, the Odoo VoIP module provides you with integrated voice-calling features. It comes with an add-on widget that integrates virtual phone systems with your database and allows you to make and manage calls while working within Odoo.

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Odoo VoIP widget

1. What are the benefits of using Odoo VoIP?

Because of the specialised capabilities unlike regular phone services, Odoo VoIP is a helpful technology that can benefit both your business and customers. You can leverage Odoo VoIP by using it to:

  • Lower operating costs: Compared with conventional phone lines and separate VoIP subscriptions, you can save a lot of money by using your current internet connection for VoIP conversations. To improve your operations even more, consider putting those savings towards other business ventures or purchasing new Odoo modules. 
  • Streamline CRM & sales workflows: Your sales team will be able to interact instantly with customers and close deals more quickly. When integrating Odoo VoIP with your Odoo CRM, you can make calls straight from the lead or contact profiles. This way, you don't need to switch between systems and your sales team can develop rapport and customise messages in real time.
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Odoo VoIP in CRM

  • Utilise mobility & accessibility: Your teams can manage conversations and calls while on the go with the integration of Odoo VoIP on the Odoo mobile app. This guarantees that, even while working remotely, they never miss a customer enquiry or an important project update. When your sales staff attends a trade show, using the Odoo VoIP mobile app, they can stay in touch with potential customers and close deals from a distance.
  • Optimise sales performance: Odoo's VoIP functionality includes the ability to record phone calls, allowing you to analyse conversion patterns and identify areas for improvement. For instance, by reviewing a recorded sales call, you might discover a complaint that could be addressed through further training. Furthermore, 51% of consumers expect a company should be available 24/7. Features like real-time communication and click-to-call capability can greatly speed up transaction closings by reducing reaction times.

2. Real-world use cases

When integrating Odoo VoIP with other Odoo apps, key persons in your teams can manage calls and interact with customers and teammates in a faster way:

  • Customer support: Consider a support agent who can immediately interact with customers in the Helpdesk module. They can quickly discuss a problem with customers’ orders by clicking on the phone icon or quickly creating a call via the VoIP widget.

  • Account executives: Within Odoo CRM, your salesperson can easily make a call with the potential customer to discuss an opportunity. Similar to the previous case, you can click right on the phone icon or use the Odoo VoIP widget. Moreover, you can also perform other actions such as sending emails to customers directly from the VoIP widget or taking notes during the call.

8+ Key Features of Odoo VoiP & Providers

By quickly integrating with your current Odoo workflows, Odoo VoIP is a robust built-in module that makes it easy for your team to work together. Here are the main features:

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  • SIP Compatibility: It's beneficial that Odoo VoIP is compatible with a large number of VoIP service providers that enable SIP protocol. This versatility allows you to select a solution that precisely suits your company's requirements.
  • Single-Click Calling & Device Agnostic: You can make calls from any screen in your Odoo workspace with just one click and without additional hardware. Contacting clients or coworkers is simpler with Odoo VoIP's click-to-call feature. Moreover, use whatever device that best fits your requirements: a VoIP phone, tablet, smartphone, or computer. This way, you can effortlessly manage calls using the Odoo mobile app or your online browser, and stay connected wherever you are.
  • Easy Call Transfer & User-Friendly Dialpad: Let's say you need to pass a call to a colleague so they can help you further. Odoo VoIP facilitates this workflow. You can route calls to particular members with just one click and ensure customers get assistance right away. 
  • VoIP Widget with Complete Database Integration: By seamlessly integrating with your Odoo database, the VoIP module lets you make calls straight from any Odoo apps: CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Inventory, and more. Hence, you can avoid switching between systems and maintain a single location for all communication data within your Odoo workspace.
  • Multitasking for Efficiency: Odoo VoIP allows you to multitask with ease. During a customer conversation, you can use your Odoo workspace to schedule future tasks, send follow-up emails, and take notes to record important details. This way, your teams can optimise your productivity in every engagement and streamline the entire process.
  • CRM Integration & Activity Scheduling: If you integrate Odoo VoIP with your CRM (and other Odoo apps), it helps establish a completely unified communication experience. To maintain a smooth flow of communication and action, you can schedule tasks directly within the CRM's communication threads.
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Beyond its fundamental capabilities, Odoo makes use of partnerships with popular VoIP providers to let users access advanced functions, such as:

  • International Calling: Your teams can easily communicate with clients and coworkers anywhere in the world.
  • Dial-Plan Architecture: This is an essential feature to give your customers a personalised call experience. You can set up call queues, conferences, voice introductions, voicemail choices, and call routeing with dial-plan architecture.
  • Call Forwarding & Simultaneous Ringing: This feature makes sure you never miss a call even when you're not available. They let you route calls to particular people or devices according to your preferences.
  • Advanced Call Management: Odoo VoIP works with providers that offer services like call queues and conference calls. This is ideal for businesses with high call volumes that require productive teamwork on tough issues.

What to consider when choosing a VoIP server

For the record, Odoo integrates well with popular providers such as Axivox (which also hosts Asterisk) and OnSIP. Odoo previously had a tutorial video of the setup process for Axivox as an example, but you can read their documents for more information on other providers.

If your business requires custom workflows for Odoo VoIP integration but you’re unfamiliar with technical environments (i.e. APIs), consider receiving support from Odoo’s certified experts. They can analyse the feasibility of your requirements and build the desired workflows accordingly.

Whether you’re choosing one of these providers or not, consider the following 4 aspects when selecting one to go with:

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1. Compatibility & feature alignment

VoIP service providers are not all the same, particularly in terms of Odoo integration. Think about:

  • Odoo Version Compatibility: Verify that the VoIP service provider is compatible with your current Odoo version.
  • Feature Alignment: Decide what features are most important for your business. Check if the feature set offered by the provider satisfies your communication requirements.
  • Calling Areas Cover: Make sure that the chosen provider covers your area and the areas you’d like to make calls.

2. Network infrastructure & security

Your network setup and the provider's security precautions have a major impact on the security and quality of your VoIP calls. Consider these points:

  • Bandwidth Requirements: Sufficient internet bandwidth is necessary for VoIP calls with high quality. You can discuss bandwidth requirements with the provider, and evaluate your current internet plan.
  • Security Procedures: You should select a service that puts security first and uses strong protocols to keep unwanted access out of your communication lines. Check the provider's features, such as secure login processes and call encryption.

3. Scalability & reliability

Your business's communication requirements will change as it expands. Consider:

  • Scalability: Select a VoIP provider whose infrastructure is adaptable enough to handle future increases in the number of calls you place. If your team doubles in size over the following year, will the provider's solution be able to handle the extra call volume without any problems?
  • Uptime & Customer Support: Consistent uptime ensures consistent communication. Seek out a provider who has a record of excellent uptime and few service interruptions. In addition, consider the support from the provider in case you run into technical issues.

4. Custom configuration

If you have particular requirements or complex communication workflows, check if the providers offer advanced functionalities.

Some providers let users customise their solutions to a greater extent, which can be integrating complex call routing or specific business tools. Several providers also provide access to APIs. This enables customisation of functionality beyond those of Odoo VoIP, enabling custom interface with Odoo or other apps. Nevertheless, this method needs constant maintenance and technological know-how.

Key Takeaways

By integrating seamlessly with your Odoo apps, Odoo VoIP centralises all contact and communication data within your Odoo workspace.

Based on the Odoo version and provider you have selected, the specific configuration requirements can be different. Note that you should always refer to Odoo and the provider's official documents to ensure the latest and complete instructions.


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