A shining example of a business in synchrony

AAF Australia

As Australia’s largest independent finisher of architectural aluminium, AAF stakes its reputation on innovative, dependable, and integrated services. Guided by those same principles, Havi Technology is using Odoo to streamline AAF’s operations and processes.

From humble beginnings 40 years ago, Australian Aluminium Finishing (AAF) has gone from strength to strength. Today, Australia’s largest independent aluminium finisher runs three plants in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, incorporating 11 production facilities and a 200-strong workforce.

Like many growing businesses, AAF’s priority has remained firmly fixed on meeting escalating demand from its customers in Australia and Southeast Asia. To keep up, business operations and processes have been enhanced. AAF was looking for a CRM which would improve speed and flexibility for quotes and customer support.

AAF’s management saw the opportunity to automate and align its quoting/CRM with its operations to enhance customer and staff experiences, while improving accuracy, speed and efficiency along the way. So, they called Havi Technology.

AAF partnered with Havi

A shared vision

The Havi team consulted with AAF to understand end-to-end processes, clarify pain points, and diagnose issues. Spreadsheets were being used to manage many processes (from quotations to publishing sales orders and invoices), while Odoo was being used to manage sales prospects and negotiations.

Havi collaborated with AAF’s management to reimagine operations in a more connected way. By migrating some processes to Odoo, the vision is to give customers and employees a simple and reliable way to interact and transact.

The story so far

Havi is already having an impact. AAF’s traditional quote process – which relied on manual entry and spreadsheets – has become a thing of the past. Now quotes are automated via Odoo’s Sales Module, which has made the process faster and more consistent, while reducing the risk of human error.

Meanwhile, Havi has harnessed the Odoo CRM Module to ensure customer enquiries receive timely responses. An “unread message indicator” now automatically alerts staff when customer correspondence requires attention.

AFF and odoo implementation

Working towards a perfectly polished performance

With those ‘early wins’ already paying off, AAF is seizing the momentum to continue to integrate other Odoo solutions to give employees a seamless process from initial customer enquiries and conversations, to quotes, negotiations, sales, and orders.

In other words, AAF will soon have integrated end-to-end processes that are just as innovative, dependable, and integrated as the aluminium finishing services it has provided clients for the past 40 years.

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