How Odoo ERP Enhances Sales Management For B2B Marketing Agency

Good sales management is crucial for the success of any business, whether it is a B2B or B2C company. Having a smooth sales process, covering everything from handling sales orders to purchase orders, vendor relationships, and finances not only helps to boost efficiency but also ensures that customer expectations are met.

If you are struggling with manual processes,  or dealing with the complexities of managing multiple vendor and purchase processes, then your business needs an ERP system!  

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Havi Technology has assisted one of the largest independent B2B loyalty & incentive program agencies in New Zealand and Australia to adopt the Odoo ERP which connects various aspects of sales management, procurement, and accounting into one platform.

Let’s delve into the success story of our customers and see how Odoo ERP has improved sales management for this B2B marketing agency! 

B2B Loyalty and Reward agency with a global customer base

Our client is one of the largest independent B2B loyalty and incentive program agencies in New Zealand and Australia, operating different legal entities with a customer base extending across New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

With an extensive in-house offering based in Australia and New Zealand, the company specialises in helping businesses create strategic B2B incentives, loyalty and reward programs crafted to inspire customers, employees, and channel partners to actively promote, sell, and purchase more products or services. 

Their in-house capabilities include various reward options, including an online incentive software platform, merchandise rewards catalogues, physical and digital gift cards, prepaid Visa gift cards, travel incentives, study tours, exclusive events, sustainable incentives, and events.

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Improve sales management to meet customer needs

Dealing with a range of reward options for B2B customers, our client usually handles numerous orders, including merchandise rewards catalogues, gift cards (physical and digital), prepaid Visa gift cards, and travel incentives. This also requires them to collaborate with various vendors to fulfil customer’s requirements.

In their quest to enhance order efficiency, our client sought a robust ERP solution that is seamlessly integrated with their incentive and reward management platform. This integration aimed to smooth out its processes, including customer orders, purchase orders, vendor management, accounting, and consolidated reporting.

They needed a well-supported ERP system with the key requirements

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Havi Technology collaborated with the client to help them achieve their business goals with an effective ERP system. Our experts worked closely with the clients to understand their company structure, challenges and goals. The project was implemented in several phases and achieved the following:

  • The Havi team set up multiple legal entities for the client, each with its own currency, all managed through a centralised Odoo ERP system; 

  • Implemented a procurement system covering vendor management, purchase orders, quotation requests, and purchase billing within the Odoo ERP system;

  • Our technical experts successfully developed an API-based solution to integrate the client’s incentive and reward platform with Odoo ERP. This synchronises their sales orders to Odoo ERP and automatically generates purchase orders that will be sent to vendors for order processing; 

  • Havi configured the Odoo project management module that allows the client to create quotes, retrieve costs from suppliers, and calculate sales prices;

  • Created reports that consolidate data across all branches as well as specific companies/branches, including detailed profit and loss reports, budget comparisons; GST reporting; Timesheet reporting; and Analytic Account Reporting; 

  • Our team also assisted the client in mapping and configuring the Odoo Accounting module that lets the client manage customers' invoices, vendors' bills, and expenses for generic and storable products;


Through this collaborative effort, the client achieved a more efficient and cost-effective system tailored to their needs. By seamlessly integrating Odoo ERP with the loyalty and reward platform, the company can automate business processes for smooth order processing, streamline procurement processes, and gain real-time insights into their financial data.

The success of this project underscores Odoo’s adaptability and versatility across various operational needs. Whether you're a marketing agency, global retailer, educational institution, or manufacturing company, Odoo's comprehensive ERP system can be customised to meet specific requirements.

If you aspire to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and achieve measurable growth, Odoo could be the transformative solution you’re seeking. Contact us today to explore how we can assist your business in achieving its objectives.

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