From Odoo 14 to 15: The 6 Notable Differences We Can’t Miss

If you're using Odoo 14 for your business, you may be wondering if it's worth upgrading to version 15. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a list of the 6 notable differences between the two versions.

Odoo Version 15 offers significantly improved team meetings, e-commerce features, inventory and purchase management, as well as data analysis. Let’s continue to identify the details.

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What makes Odoo 15 better than Odoo 14?

Out of all the new features and small updates inside each module, here are some main points to think about:

  • More flexible teamwork: This version offers new features for your online meetings, like screen sharing, invites from outside parties, guest users, and more. Your processes are made convenient and flexible as a result
  • More modern e-commerce features: Using AI or smart blocks, you can now very quickly and easily develop an online store. For faster sales, your team can also utilise the POS system with ease
  • Strong data analysis: It offers a wide range of customisation possibilities for reporting dashboards and data views, particularly in the areas of inventory and purchase management. This gives you access to more insightful information about your business
  • No longer support for Odoo versions 12 and older: Making the switch to Odoo 15 enables you to stay updated. Odoo 12 and previous versions will no longer receive support after version 15.

You can read more on the details of Odoo 15 improvements.

Odoo 14 vs 15: The 6 notable differences in modules

1. Point of Sales: The coupon & delivery experience

Odoo 14

For the POS Module, Odoo 14 has a new user interface that makes it easy for users to personalise the display of new products. It allows you to organise your product portfolio professionally, creating a focus for customers. Besides, the e-mail payment option is an extra feature.

This version also includes two new features for the product range - price lists and customer-friendly programs that were not available in earlier versions. Point Of Sale Odoo 14 app module is integrated with up to 6 payment methods for customer convenience. 

Odoo 15

Overall, Odoo 14 primary POS functionalities are still available in version 15. Two other new elements of version 15 are a coupon program and an offer that shows up in the price settings.

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You can create and store coupon data for future use with the coupon program capabilities. Then, you may quickly choose the product and use the saved coupons at the POS. The purchase invoice will include the coupon information so that buyers can keep track of the details. 

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Furthermore, Ship Later options are incorporated in the POS function settings. Ship Later allows you to place a product order and deliver it to the customer. On the POS module, every following delivery action is completed quickly and automatically. The POS machine now has the withdrawal feature as well. You can find out at checkout whether or not the ship's later facility is needed to finish the order.

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2. CRM: Lead generation improvement

Odoo 14

In the CRM Module, Odoo 14 introduced a new lead generation tab. This allows users to generate leads with individual information such as address, age, profession, etc. Moreover, the feature also includes more advanced features such as the ability to add customer email addresses and phone numbers.

Odoo 15

This version has an upgraded CRM feature to improve lead generation management. The platform allows specific grouping of leads by domain mechanism. To use this feature, go to the CRM > Configuration > Sales Team and apply a specific domain to each group. 

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Domains typically include country, lead scale, language, gender, age, etc. This subdomain helps to boost sales and create connections between departments to increase the number of leads for your business.

3. Inventory: More control & adjustments

Odoo 14

Odoo 14 brings a relatively complete inventory management system. The tabs for collecting and managing inventory data are linked to the related functional modules in the Odoo Enterprise.

The main advantage of Odoo 14's inventory management over its previous versions is its additional optional features. This tab helps you predict popular items. The feature allows you to create rules to rearrange the order of goods to make the supplementation process more efficient and scientific.

Odoo 15

In this version, they have adjusted some of the features in inventory management, allowing users to list inventory cyclically to the location. Users can also control the quantity of inventory according to criteria such as quantity, type, or time.

Another finding is that you can sell gift cards in an online store. When a consumer purchases a Gift Card, it produces unique codes that are delivered to them by email or in person. Some Odoo apps/modules create several unique codes for various gift card purchases:

4. Discuss: Better group communication

Odoo Discuss is a powerful tool for promoting internal and external communication. Odoo 14 allows employees in the organisation to discuss with each other, report on work progress, or join with other staff to support clients. It also provides privacy and security for messages, as well as the ability to lock contacts. Overall, Discuss can be combined with all other modules and used to manage operations effectively.

Odoo 15

The primary feature of this release is the Discuss function. Calls, videos, text messages, and other business communications are all integrated into one application with the Odoo chat function.

github odoo 14 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Odoo 15 has kept the Discuss capabilities from earlier versions. These can include the ability to send invitation links to group conversations, share documents, direct text, screen sharing, edit and star messages, share emojis, etc. Here are more new features of Discuss:

  • Check your status both online and offline
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Meetings are open to everyone including external users
  • Available to integrate with other Odoo apps
  • Accessible in the Community edition
  • Up to 40 calls going at once
  • Up to 128 MB of attachments are to be loaded per file
  • Able to arrange meetings.

5. Purchase: New dashboard reporting

Odoo 14

The unified panel view in the Odoo 14 overview demonstrates organisation and readability. The new view displays all detailed information on orders that need issuing, and processing, or those that arrive late. Additionally, it offers an estimated time of order movement. These advancements have the potential to increase the effectiveness of manufacturing material supplements. 

In Odoo 14's purchase management features, there's a helpful addition called confirmation reminders. These reminders assist in double-checking all order details before you finish the ordering process. This ensures accuracy and eliminates the need for placing the same order multiple times.

Odoo 15

The Purchase Overview page provides an accurate and modern look that includes all the purchasing data and charts. This overview page provides full data to calculate the total cost of taxed and non-taxed purchases. To track these parameters, on the Odoo 15 Purchase Manager dashboard, go to the Report.

landed cost odoo 14 Havi Technology Pty Ltd

6. Website: Simpler social sharing

Odoo 14

Configurable settings in the Odoo 14 website module can be used to operate functional SEO elements like Google Analytics and search tools in the console. Besides, Odoo's website manager is connected to many social media platforms, which allows you to publish articles on different platforms.

Odoo 15

Now you can utilise the sharing feature of the e-commerce website. Share buttons on the product allow users to share it via the website portal on many social media platforms. With these capabilities, sharing information on a platform to finish the product is made easier.

Wrapping up

Regarding the differences above, Odoo 15 seems to help you gain a better experience than Odoo 14. In addition, Odoo version 15 offers other new features as well. These can include an upgraded reporting platform, a redesigned dashboard, new filters, and an improved Kanban view. Have you decided to deploy an ERP system for your business? Let's have a sip of coffee and tell us your problems.

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