Odoo Roadshow Sydney & Melbourne 2024: Official Sponsorship By Havi Technology

The Odoo Roadshows 2024 are a must-attend event for Australian businesses! Held in Sydney (May 28th) and Melbourne (May 30th), the Roadshows offer valuable insights on streamlining business operations and new growth opportunities.

Havi Technology is honoured to be the official sponsor this year, with extensive experience putting Odoo solutions into practice for Aussie businesses. We can't wait to meet you and share our valuable insights for the Odoo community.

Let’s scroll down for key dates, times, and how to register for free!


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Why You Should Attend Odoo Roadshow Australia 2024

1. Why Aussie businesses shouldn’t miss this event

The Odoo Roadshows in Sydney and Melbourne this year are an exceptional chance for Australian businesses to learn how Odoo transforms their operations:

  • Learn about Odoo: Get to know Odoo 17 and its latest features.
  • See Odoo in action: See firsthand how Odoo can be tailored to your unique requirements within the Australian business needs.
  • Get insights from experts: Learn from Odoo experts on how to make the most of it from their insightful talks and best practices.
  • Network with peers: Connect with other local businesses that are either considering or currently using Odoo.

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Odoo Roadshow

Who is coming?

The previous APAC meetings have thousands of participants established strategic business partnerships. Every year, the number rises as more businesses decide to streamline their operations with Odoo.

You can expect networking with CEOs, key business stakeholders, knowledgeable Odoo Partners, current users, and more at the Odoo Roadshows. Havi Technology will attend to share and discuss how Odoo fosters business success across various industries, ranging from startups to large enterprises.

2. Learn about Odoo - The leading open-source ERP

Odoo stands out as the most versatile open-source business suite. It is designed to streamline your operations and empower data-driven decisions through a single source of truth. Odoo’s system seamlessly integrates with external solutions, adapts to diverse evolving needs, and offers extensive customisation to fit unique business models.

  • All-in-One: It runs as a single platform to handle key operations from sales to inventory.
  • Customisable: You can customise it to fit your unique procedures and workflows.
  • Cost-Effective & Scalable: Odoo's open-source environment is scalable, allowing you to add extra features while growing.
  • Engaging Community: You are free to engage with a large developer and user community that continuously provides updates and assistance.

Gain a deeper understanding of Odoo with our latest resources:

Key Dates & Time: Odoo Roadshow Australia 2024

Odoo Roadshow Sydney 2024

Odoo Roadshow Melbourne 2024

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About Havi Technology - The Leading Odoo Official Partner In Australia

As one of the leading Odoo solution providers in Australia, Havi Technology is excited to be an official sponsor of the Odoo Roadshow in Sydney & Melbourne 2024. Our dedication to harnessing Odoo's potential and in-depth knowledge of the local market are critical motivations behind our commitment to this event.

1. Odoo services to streamline your operations

Havi offers a full suite of services to streamline and improve your operations. This covers business process consultation, bespoke ERP system design and implementation, custom integration, training, and ongoing support. We harness your Odoo system with our integration such as:

roadshows de odoo Havi Technology Pty Ltd

Domestic & International Shipping

Automate shipping for both domestic and international deliveries with leading carriers (Aramex, Australia Post, etc.)

E-commerce Integration

Link your Odoo to popular online stores (eBay, Shopify, Magento, etc.) to handle orders, inventory, and customer information centrally

Single Touch Payroll

Use Employment Hero integration to streamline payroll. Convey computations, tax filing, and paystub generation automatically in Odoo (compatible with Single Touch Payroll - Australia)


Use Odoo to easily send and receive electronic invoices. Observe laws and simplify billing (Peppol & ATO connection - Australia)

Microsoft 365 Applications Integration

Improve data sharing and cooperation between Odoo and Microsoft 365 apps (Outlook, Power BI, SharePoint).

Accounting Integration & Localisation

Link Odoo to accounting software (MYOB, Xero) to ensure automated data transfer and adherence to regional accounting regulations. Create ABA file, BAS report, tax invoice, customer statements, budget, and P&L report (actual vs current reports)

EDI Integration

Connect with EDI systems (SPS Commerce, Messagexchange, Crossfire) to streamline data sharing with partners and suppliers

3PL Integration

You can maximise fulfilment and warehouse management by linking Odoo to 3PL suppliers (Fulfill)

IoT Manufacturing

Use Odoo's IoT device integration to optimise scheduling, maintain inventories, and monitor manufacturing machinery

Payment Integration

Easily receive safe online and offline payments via well-known gateways like Adyen, Zip, and Linkly POS right within Odoo.

And more! Explore all of our available solutions → https://havi.com.au/odoo

2. How do we help your Odoo operations

Our expert team is here to guide your business through every phase of your ERP journey, ensuring you receive comprehensive support along the way. Whether you're at the initial stages of choosing the right system or are already in the midst of implementation, we offer end-to-end assistance:

odoo roadshow 2024

  • Analysing your processes: We start by examining your present workflows. We can pinpoint areas for improvement and obtain a comprehensive grasp of your business demands through process mapping.
  • Planning for a smooth implementation: The complete Odoo implementation process is managed by our certified developers. To ensure a seamless transfer, this involves user training, configuration, and data migration.
  • Building customised workflows: Odoo provides a strong foundation, but there are situations when a precise match is required. We offer professional customisation services to maximise Odoo's performance by adjusting it to your unique needs. 
  • Offering exclusive cloud hosting benefits: In a strategic partnership with the top provider, we offer reliable and secure cloud solutions that ensure scalability and accessibility.
  • Providing constant support: We deliver continuous support that helps you make sure your Odoo keeps up with the changing requirements.

We are excited to meet you at our booth and during the talks. Our team is available to help you with any enquiries you may have and offer insights on how to tailor Odoo to your unique requirements. Please let us know if you want to book a meeting with us.

Want to learn how Havi can help you enhance your operations with Odoo?